By Rosalee Mohney | Photos by Andy O’Donnell

The Rebuild: Up from the Ashes Project is moving forward with six houses under construction right now.

The goal: complete interior work for these homes (electricity, cabinets, countertops, painting, flooring, lighting, etc.) before we enter the winter months.

This photo features one of the homes being build in the Okanogan area back in August 2016. Currently, the Rebuild project is looking to help with interior work for these homes. Imagine having you and your church serving in a way that helps bring these projects to completion so families can have a place to call home during the winter months. If you would like to help, contact Rosalee Mohney,

Over the past several months, 13 UMVIM teams from the PNW have journeyed to Okanogan to work – the remainder of October will see three more teams go to work. I am so “wowed’ by each team, the team leaders, and the support they receive from their churches. It’s amazing.

Have experiencing in fence-building? Fences are needed to keep livestock away from leaving their pastures and for keeping other animals away from intruding. Contact Rosalee Mohney, for more information.

The remaining teams are from Wallingford UMC, Salmon Creek UMC, and Fairwood UMC. Each team reports that the work they are doing is great…plus they have a whole lot of fun! Methodists are amazing!

Know how to build a fence? There’s a big need for fence builders, also.

Contact me, Rosalee Mohney, at, if you would like to know more about forming a team to help the recovery and rebuild efforts.

Mohney serves as Seattle District co-lay leader and as the wildfires UMVIM coordinator.


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