As we enter this season of holy births, new beginnings, and the hope of peace, I want to extend my deepest blessing upon you, your church, and our world. It is a time for all of us to take stock of our faith as we celebrate the One who for us is the hope for all of creation.

May this be our time to model the grace of God who has given us the child who set in motion a lasting faith, new hope and a different way to be. May our churches be a place of refuge and welcome for all the weary travelers of the world, and may we reach out to model our faith so that others might know the joy in our hearts.

My prayers go to each one of you during this Advent and Christmas season. Feel free to drop me a message if there is any special prayer that you wish me to include during my own daily spiritual practices.

May we all revel in the sheer joy of the birth of our Lord!

Be the Hope,

Bishop Grant

Photo Credit: Some rights reserved by Flickr user YlvaS.

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