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Jamaa Letu News-September

The Jamaa Letu Orphanage newsletter is compiled from the August Quarterly Report from the Director’s of the Jamaa Letu Orphanages.

Boys Orphanage—BART

Stevens has a message for us:

“Said Alphonse Karr – ‘the goodness isn’t a big diamond but a mosaic, the small stones arranged harmoniously.’ Yes, it is with joy that I confirm that in the sense with a heart full of love and joy, the foundation supported me since my childhood and today with all my being I would like to express my gratitude and to present my thanksgiving in the name of our Lord God to whom you’re serving. Thank you! Please accept the expression of my recognition, Stevens Kapend, your child.”

Prayers of Thanks!

We thank the almighty God for his love and protection through this quarter. May his name be glorified.  Thanks to our bishop, Dr. Kasap’ Owan Tshibang, our local partners together with the Pacific Northwest as well as our missionaries for their prayers, financial support including spiritual contributions to our orphanage. May God bless you all.

Summer Time Activities

During the (summer) holiday, children give themselves to the following activities: playing soccer and basketball, church activities (choir, youth movement), cleaning their rooms, cleaning the compound and gardening.

Final Exam Time!

The boys who passed their state exam at the end of secondary school. – Simon, Fabien, Papy, Mwana and Djodjo

New Ways of Growing Vegetables Fast!

We received the team of two students came from the United States, we learned how to make an artificial garden that will allow us to produce vegetables in a short time.

Girls Orphanage —CEJAL
(Centre for Jamaa Letu)

We have received a delegation from University Liberty (local Protestant Korean University).

Visitors from University Liberty

They have promised to contribute next time they visit with a manual sewing machine and a few mattresses for our orphan girls.

A Gift From Zimbabwe

Bishop KASAP and UMC guests from Zimbabwe. They contributed with a symbolic gesture of $10 to each girl as pocket money.

African Child International Day

Our girls were invited to celebrate with other kids the African Child International Day on June 17th.

Group Visited Girls, Sharing Life Skills Information

We had support group who visited our girls to teach them about various important topics about life, conflicts, safety. We have also received some gifts from our usual friends.

Social Reintegration


Francine’s mother was found but only after Francine herself expressed the desire to look for her and be reunited with her. We have pleaded that Francine should finish this school year before leaving CEJAL. It didn’t work since both mother and daughter were resolute to part from the orphanage as soon as possible for an unknown reason. We have reunited Francine and her mother Mado on May 14th, 2019 at Centre Jamaa Letu.

Five of our girls have been placed outside the orphanage temporarily in hope that they will change their behavior enough to be fit in again at CEJAL.

New Orphan May Be Joining Us Soon

Our local parish has an orphan kid to entrust to us but we need to discuss these important issues with our Board of Trustees to see what can be done in cases like these.

School News


This school year 2018-2019 came to a close. A ceremony was held at Jamaa Letu on June 17th, 2019. Our Jael graduated and will be attending elementary school next year.

New Orphanage Mama

The Episcopal office has appointed a new mother care giver for CEJAL to start her duties this July 2019. She will live at the orphanage with her girls (4 officially). We know she is a widow from one of our UMC’s pastors. We will provide more details as soon as we can.

Local Support

Local in-kind donations included flour, clothing, toiletries, mosquito nets, rice, beans, fish, oil, clothes and toys.

Thank You For Your Support!

In general, all children are doing very fine by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. We thank all of our PNW Conference partners for allowing our children to study in good condition throughout the 2018-2019 school year that God bless you and your families.

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News from Jamaa Letu

Girls Orphanage
—CEJAL (Centre for Jamaa Letu)

The Staff at the Orphanage Needs Prayers Too!

You might be familiar with the names of the children, but we also keep the staff in our prayers!  At the girls’ orphanage, please pray for:

Director, Mrs. Maruv Kayombo Rosine; secretary, Mr. Muteteke Cedrick; educator for the kindergarten, Mrs. Kanyembo Gisele, the Mamas, Mrs. Kalenga Mbuya Suzane, and Mrs. Mwadi Lyly; cook, Mrs. Mujinga Jeanine; House and Storage Keeper, Mrs. Ilunga Jose; and Gardener, Mr. Kapend Kazaj Eddy.  There are also 2 security guards from the YMUF Company.

Mama Suzane, our mother caregiver, has suffered a stroke that paralyzed her temporarily. It is clear that she can no longer work at the orphanage due to her actual physical and mental state. The local Episcopal Office will work for solutions on this sensitive issue to organize Mama Susane’s retirement as smoothly as possible in concert with her family.

Josephine I Got Married

Josephine got married on March 23rd, 2019 to Mr. Pierre M. The ceremony took place at our Samarie church in Ruashi and a reception was held at CEJAL in honor of the newlywed couple.

Esperance Is Expecting

In accordance to the orphanage’s rules, she couldn’t be allowed to stay at CEJAL with her sisters. We have met with her boyfriend and his family to find a solution to this problem with the help of Rev. Francine Tshisola. The family has accepted to take full responsibility over Esperance. She now lives at her boyfriend’s sister here in Lubumbashi downtown. She will continue to study at her high school and her tuition has already been paid in full prior to the unfortunate event. We can only hope that she will obtain her diploma this year and go on with her life.


Work is continuing on water and plumbing issues.

Local Support

Local support in the first quarter included corn flour, oil, fish, chicken, beans, toiletries and clothing.

Boys Orphanage—BART

Please Pray for the Staff of the Boys Orphanage

Please pray for the staff at the boys’ orphanage: director, Kafweta–Naweji Paul; permanent lady: Kamwengu–Nene; cook, Mand–Kalend; guards, Yimemisombo–John and Mutamba–Charle; and missionaries, Fresie Chikomb and Mr. Jean–Paul Dietrich.

A Boy’s Family Has Been Found!

You will notice the absence of Danny N, a child who lived the past two years in our orphanage. Danny was brought to us by social affairs office of Lubumbashi; they just located his parents and the child returned to his family.

A New Boy Has Joined the Orphanage

Recently we received a new boy from social affairs of Commune Kamalondo. He is an 8 year-old by name of Lievien.

Medical Update

During this quarter, we found out that Rumej has a medical condition that will require surgical repair.

Willy was hospitalized for few days.

Makobe was baptized.

Mukey, Rumej, and Willy are Boy Scouts.

Local Support

From local assistance, we received food, toiletries, and clothing.

Thank You From the Directors

Thank you so much for all your prayers and financial support for the children during all these years. May our Lord bless you.

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