Jamaa Letu News September 2021

The Jamaa Letu Orphanage newsletter is compiled from the June Quarterly Report from the Director’s of the BART & and the June Quarterly Report from the Director’s of CEJAL Jamaa Letu Orphanages.

Girls Orphanage—CEJAL
(Centre for Jamaa Letu)

The main activities are still the same concerning the program HFCA: Food, shelter, education, health care, religion, social reintegration, and family reunification etc., For the Children of Africa!

Celebrating with Our Friends

Congo Unis, June 30th (Independence Day)

Events And Other Activities

We had different set of activities during this quarter:

We Lost Our Sister and Daughter

We are very saddened to announce you the death of our daughter and sister Jose Ilunga (married 2 years ago) who passed away last June 22nd, 2021 from a long term disease.

The orphanage lacked the means to help with the funerals but we did get help from some partners and friends, including Missionary Jean-Paul Dietrich and Jethro Muyombi.

COVID Protocols

We are still sensitizing the girls and employees about the future of our orphanage and the pandemic we are facing so that God may help us through our church and partners worldwide.

Visits from Partners & Friends

We had a lot of partners and friends who came to visit, comfort and assist us this last quarter.

UMC Kipendano welcoming Mrs. Rosine from CEJAL

Youth Congo
(Motto: mutual love for the living)

(gift from Mr. Mwenze Kongolo)

Little refrigerator
(gift from Dr Wetshi)

Gifts from UMC Samarie District

Gift from Rose Samba
(USA) via Ms. Natacha

Etoile Brillante School

Director of Christian Education and his team preaching at CEJAL (gave Bibles to all children and employees)

Zawadi 14 years-old

Eliane L (11 years-old)
Dress and shoes gift from Pastor Luzolo

Emmany K, 11 years

Naomie N, 14 years

Legal Issue

An anonymous family signaled de disappearance of their daughter. We were summoned alongside other orphanages to appear before the authorities for questioning and investigations. The director of CEJAL answered the call accompanied by our church lawyer. The orphanage was obviously cleared and we had to pay $150 to the lawyer for his services.

We have faced a few cases this last quarter among children and employees as well:

Choudelle I:

We consulted a doctor from South Africa here in Lubumbashi. He saw Choudelle and gave us his estimation of $8,800 for her case.

In the meantime Choudelle is experiencing pain and she is almost always in her bed. She can hardly manage to go to school.

We ask for good willing people to help Choudelle so that she can recover from this painful situation.

Victoire M:

After surgery the screws were taken off. She will have an X-ray next month for control.

We Give Thanks:

To all of you we say “thanks a lot”: the children are praying for you. They need to keep smiling especially during these difficult times.

  • To God almighty for his love and for the life is giving us;
  • To Ms Cecilia McGurk;
  • To Laura Weir and Tim Graham for their financial donation last May 2021;
  • To Eric Sparkman for his continued support;
  • To Jean-Paul Dietrich for advising and supporting us despite his many duties;
  • To Mrs. Jenny for the initiative of publishing information about our orphanages;
  • To our Episcopal office for gathering all the means necessary to support our children.

Our Girls

Primary StudentsSchool Grade
Lolotte K4th
Emanuelle K4th
Jaelle K2nd
Olive L4th
Elaine L2nd
Clarisse M K3rd
Patricia M5th
Dimericia M Y5th
Ruth N K4th
Dorcas S1st
Jemima S3rd
Stephanie S3rd
Francine T
Secondary StudentsSchool Grade
Prisca K3rd Science
Suzane K M4th Science
Jemima K L2nd
Deborah K2nd
Micheline K I5th Social
Astrid M E5th Social
Chatty M T2nd
Abigael S2nd
Naomie S N3rd Science
Kulofwa Z2nd
Professional SchoolSchool Grade
Ruth K3rd Couture
Marie-Choudelle I4th Couture

Plea for CEJAL

Following the COVID 19 pandemic the means at our disposal hardly allow us to live decently.

Children have grown up and they have more needs due to that.

To you our unconditional partners we ask that you continue to support us and help us find good people willing to come to our rescue.

Thanks for your support!

Boys Orphanage—BART

Thanks be given to God for His unconditional support and protection during this difficult time of Covid -19 pandemic.

We are doing the following activities and work for the Boys:

Our Boys

  • Taking care of them
  • Giving them good food
  • Teaching them how to interact with people in the society
  • Teaching them how to protect themselves against this COVID- 19 pandemic
  • Teaching them how to respect church leaders and others
  • Continuing to search for new local partners
  • Contacting and receiving good people who brought different gifts for our boys
  • Teaching them the Christian life
  • Working in collaboration with the pastor cabinet
  • Supervising their school performance
  • Carrying for them
  • Taking them to the hospital when needed
Nathan N S
Simon K
Mukut Z
Chadrack K N
Yannick K M
Willy K
Mukey J
Gracia M
Kelly K
Leon N M
Simon T R
Raphael K
Joseph K N
Bernard L I
Lievin I
Sandji M M
Ely M S
Joseph K

Some Donations from Our Local Friends

The Mama Kipendano team have visited the orphanage and donated some soaps, cooking oil, goat, and some other important things as shown on the images below.

This donation (breakfast meal) is from the P.P INILU team but did not want to appear on the photos.

Boys Activities

There is no much change about the activities, they are almost the same as usual and they are presently focused on their studies as the school year is ending soon.

About The Boys

The boys are doing well and we thank God for his everlasting love.


All the kids are well and they are doing better in their studies however due to the pandemic COVID 19 pandemic.

Medical Care

All the boys are doing well, no sickness registered, and thank God for his protection

Thank you so much for reading our report and May God bless you for helping and giving to the orphans another chance to life.

Kafweta Naweji Paul, Director

Thank you for your support!

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2 thoughts on “Jamaa Letu News September 2021”

  1. My and my husband’s (Forrest Caswell’s) prayers will be with all of you that Jesus will make Himself very real to these precious children and provide their needs. May they come to know how very much He loves them and may they become His followers, too. Amen.

    1. Thank you for your prayers. The children are being raised in the Christian faith and love in their orphanages. The struggle to make sure they are well cared for is ongoing.

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