Child & Youth Sponsorships

Monies donated through Child & Youth Sponsorships are used literally in all facets of the children’s lives: their houseparents who give them guidance, love, and encouragement each day, the building that shelters them, providing medical care, and the running water and electricity.

Our Child & Youth Sponsorship program at Jamaa Letu I and II, the girls’ and boys’ orphanages, involves the entire orphanage. There are more than one sponsor for each child at any given time. Our emphasis continues to center on their support, school fees, and maintenance of the facilities. Funds go into a large pot of support money to benefit all the children.

The unstable Congolese economy requires our constant monitoring to ensure adequate fiscal resources are provided for the support of both facilities.

You are invited to make an annual commitment of $493 or more towards a sponsorship though any size gift is welcome. The total annual support of a child per year is about $1500.  You will receive a photo and information about the child you are sponsoring.

Click here for a brochure with additional information on becoming a sponsor.

Hope for the Children of Africa Task Force and Ministry of the Pacific NW Conference of the United Methodist Church