JAMAA LETU NEWS-November 2020

The Jamaa Letu Orphanage newsletter is compiled from the November Quarterly Report from the Director’s of the BART & and the June Quarterly Report from the Director’s of CEJAL Jamaa Letu Orphanages.

Boys’ Orphanage—BART

Bart’s boys and staff thank God for his glory and goodness in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and we went to take this opportunity to wish you the best in Jesus name.

We thank you very much for your financial, physical, and moral support and encouragement. You have given them shelter, education, food, and everything that a child needs to grow, and be able to contribute to the development of successful adults.

May our God continue to bless you all and your families abundantly

Kafweta Naweji Paul, Director of the Orphanage
November 2020

Boys Activities

The whole country is in a state of emergency because the Corona virus pandemic, and the Congolese government had announced the measures of restrictions to limit spread. Because of these restrictions the children have been involved in the following activities:

  • Wearing masks
  • Washing hands using hydro-alcoholic disinfectant
  • Avoiding contaminated objects
  • Cleaning their rooms
  • Cleaning the compound


Here we have 22 children but 4 children finalists of secondary school were waiting for their results. This is the reason why they still are remaining in the orphanage. Once they graduate we will stay with 18 children.

Our Boys
Secondary StudentsSchool Grade
(March 2020)
Patrick N S5th
Nathan M N4th
Simon K5th
Joseph Z M5th
Chadrack K N5th
Yannick K M5th
Willy K4th
Mukey J2nd
Gracia M3rd
Sandji M M1st
School Grade
(March 2020)
Ely M S6th
Kelly K6th
Leon N M 5th
Simon T R4th
Joseph K N3rd
Bernard L I2nd
Lievin I2nd
Raphael K2nd

Our Graduates

These four children who were finalists at the school passed the state exams:

Kazadi M, Chadrack K M, and Fernand K
Gauthier N M

Schools results

We thank God so much for giving us protection and good results of all our children of primary school, secondary school, and state exams.

About the Boys

The more the boys grow up the more they change their dreams. Many prefer to be missionaries and pastors. We pray to our Lord to guide them in achieving their dreams.

Medical Care

We still give thanks to God during this period despite the pandemic that all the children are doing well.

Difficulties and Needs

  • Shortage of the electricity; it is very hard to keep fresh foods.
  • Need of generator

Main Activities and Work Done

We had participated in the annual conference which was organized by Bishop Kasap’ Owan in August 2 through 4, 2020.

We had also participated in the meeting which was organized by Bishop Kasap’ Owan on September 29, 2020. The meeting was for sharing of strategies to advance the orphanages.

The following images were recorded during the meeting.

About the Boys

During this period of school the children are concentrated to their studies, reading their lessons according to the time table.

Sunday, August 4, 2019, we did participate d at the annual conference on which the Bishop Kasap’ Owan was the preacher. The theme of the annual conference was: we are called to live in spirit Romans 8:12.

  • Contacting people for help
  • Attending the kid’s school meeting
  • Supervising their school performance, etc.

Thank You

Thank you so much for reading our report and May GOD bless you for helping and giving the orphans another chance in life.

Kafweta – Naweji Paul, Director

How You Help Support Us

Donate Online

You can help support our orphans and students by going to our websites www.JamaaLetu.org & www.JamaaLetuEducation.org and clicking on the Donate links.

Donate Through Your Local UMC

Local UMC Instructions: Mark donation to Jamaa Letu Orphanages & note if it’s for a Child & Youth Sponsorship, Education Scholarship, or general Jamaa Letu support.  Talk with your coordinator.

Donate Directly to the Pacific Northwest Conference

Send Donations to Jamaa Letu Orphanages Pacific Northwest Conference Office P.O. Box 13650 Des Moines, WA 98193-1009. Mail donation or direct your bank to send the funds & note if it’s for a Child & Youth Sponsorship, Education Scholarship, or general Jamaa Letu support.

Girls’ Orphanage—CEJAL
(Centre for Jamaa Letu)

Dealing with the Corona Virus:

We had different set of activities during this last quarter.

We are continuing to sanitize the girls, and employees about the world’s pandemic, and all preventive measures to be taken.

Bishop Dr. Kasap

We have received a laser thermometer to check every entrance to the orphanage from our Missionary Jean-Paul Dietrich who’s dedicated to us and always visiting comforting and assisting us especially during crisis and difficult times.

We were visited by different groups and foundation to sanitize and assist us.

We were invited to participate to training about “the reinforcement of informal and formal systems for child protection.

Gifts and Visitors

We have also received some gifts from many friends and partners under strict measures of confinement.

Ubuntu Mission (brought us masks (mufflers) and other assistance)

Rev. & Mrs. Nkonge and Mrs. Tina (brought food and bought a meal for our orphan girls)

We were visited by our Bishop Dr. Kasap and his delegation. He comforted the children, prayed for them and gave us all many good advices about Life in Jesus-Christ.

This endeavor was organized by our Bishop in association with Bishop Alsted from Denmark to assist orphans, widows, retired pastors etc. during this time of world’s pandemic and partial confinement.

Bishop Dr. Kasap giving food to children of CEJAL

School Report

Schools have closed since March 17th and will resume when the measures of confinement are lifted by the authorities. So there is no activity from our Kindergarten School.

Our Girls
School GradePrimary
School Grade
Prisca K2ndLolotte K4th
Suzane K M3rdEmmanuelle K4th
Ruth K5thJaelle K2nd
Jemima K L1stOlive L4th
Deborah K1stEliane L2nd
Micheline K I
(lives with her sister)
4th Social TechniqueClarisse M K3rd
Astrid M E4th Social TechniquePatricia M5th
Chatty M1stDimercia M Y5th
Abigael S1stRuth N K4th
Naomie S1stDorcas S1st
Kulofwa Z1stJemima S3rd
Choudelle I
Professional SchoolStephanie S3rd
  Francine T6th

We thank you for your unwavering support even during these difficult times.

We are aware of the sacrifices you are making to allow our orphanage to operate decently during this world’s pandemic.

To our donors and partners we say:

God bless you!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support!

Support the Orphans Through These
Donation Options

Donate Through Your Local UMC

Mark donation to Jamaa Letu Orphanages & note if it’s for a Child & Youth Sponsorship, Education Scholarship, or general Jamaa Letu support.  Talk with your local coordinator for more information.

Donate Directly Through the
Pacific NW Conference Office

Send Donations to Jamaa Letu Orphanages
Pacific NW Conference Office

P.O. Box 13650 Des Moines, WA 98193-1009

Mail donation or direct your bank to send the funds & note if it’s for a Child & Youth Sponsorship, Education Scholarship, or general Jamaa Letu support.

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