The Jamaa Letu Orphanage newsletter is compiled from the December 2020 Quarterly Report from the Director’s of the BART, and the September & December 2020 Quarterly Reports from the Director’s of CEJAL Jamaa Letu Orphanages.

Girls Orphanage —CEJAL
(Centre for Jamaa Letu)


The main activities are still the same concerning the program Hope for the Children of Africa: providing food, shelter, education, health care, religion, social reintegration, and family reunification For the Children of Africa!

We were visited by different groups and foundation as usual:

Agapao Foundation held some lessons of baking, hair dressing and make-up for the girls of CEJAL.

We visited other orphanages to share our respective experiences

Centre Maison Kwetu & Maman Thabitha Orphanage
(Kolwezi / Dr Congo)

We were invited at Katalis Farm to share some quality times with friends

Visit at Katalis Farm with Missionary Jean-Paul Dietrich

We Also Visited the UMC Center on September 29th, 2020

Visit from Auditor

We have been visited by the auditor sent by GBGM to evaluate the work that has been done since last year.

We have participated to the meeting held at the UMC Center in Lubumbashi. The various topics included the status of our Church, the remarks made by the auditor and the line of work to adopt for the future.

A Gift of Supplies

We have received two additional laser thermometers to check every entrance to the orphanage from Wesley UMC /Nashville USA via Mr. RUKANG.


At Florence’s request, we have finally found a foster family. Mrs. Noella with the permission of the Episcopal Office was willing to take Florence into her care. Florence has left Centre Jamaa Letu on July 7th, 2020 and now lives with her new family.

Rosine/Jean-Paul/Florence Katalis (Farm)

Events and Other Activities

We had different set of activities during this last two quarters:

  • We are continuing to educate the girls and employees about the world’s pandemic and all preventive measures to be taken.
  • We participated to our Annual Conference from August 2nd to August 4th, 2020.
  • We participated to several briefings of our local United Methodist Church and we participated to our annual Executive Committee held on December 19th, 2020.

Christmas Celebrations and Gifts

The girls have received some pocket
money from our usual US partners as a Christmas gift.

We were visited by different groups and foundation around Christmas.

Medical Care

We have faced a few cases this last quarter among children and employees as well:

  • Jael K was hospitalized for a short time.
  • Choudelle I is still experiencing pain from her pelvis.

We had some quality times with friends

The Kikula Foundation and the Baraka Foundation

Gifts of Needed Supplies

We have also received some gifts from many friends and partners.

Water, Electricity, & Maintenance

We are experiencing a few problems with our power grid which is getting old in addition to the instability of electricity in our neighborhood.

We received some help from the Burgomaster of Ruashi to partially empty our septic tank.

School Report

We have started new school year 2020-2021 on October 12th, 2020.

The activities started slowly until mid-November when we enrolled 142 pupils.

All school activities in Democratic Republic of Congo were again frozen on December 23rd, until further notice from the authorities.

CEJAL Girls @ School

Prisca K3rdLolotte K5th
Suzane KM4thEmmanuelle K5th
Jemima KL2ndJael K2nd
Deborah K2ndOlive L6th
Micheline KI5thElaine L2nd
Astrid ME5thClarisse MK4th
Chatty MT2ndPatricia M6th
Abigael S2ndDimericia MY6th
Naomie SN3rdRuth NK4th
Francine T1stDorcas S1st
Kulofwa Z2ndJemima S3rd
Stephanie S3rd

Professional School

Marie-Choudelle I5thRuth K3rd

Thank You From CEJAL

We thank you our partners from Pacific North West Annual Conference for your continued love and support especially during these difficult times of crisis.

We thank our Missionary Jean-Paul Dietrich for being faithful in his guidance.

To our Church, donors and partners we say:
Thank you and God bless you all!
CEJAL prays for you and your families.

Thank you for your continued support even in these difficult times! May God Bless and keep you through this pandemic.

Boys Orphanage—BART

Thanks be given to God our Lord for the gift of life, his name be praised, Amen.

Boys Activities

The activities are still the same, there is no a big change.

During December vacation, boys celebrated Christmas joyfully. They also took pleasure in cleaning the compound, their rooms and also participating to different church activities such as choir worship. They also cook, wash plates etc. during the weekends.

This was on Christmas day children ate and they were very happy and satisfied . They enjoyed the celebration of Christmas and New Year

As you can see the kids were rejoicing and present their gratitude from their bottom of their hearts   to God the creator   who always provide life for them , the gift of life , people who love and support them, good and sound health and they are praying to God to give them a better future and hope . Children are presenting their gratitude for all what you do and still doing for them to have a better future. May God continually bless you.

Our Boys
Patrick NS
Nathan MN
Simon K
Joseph ZM
Chadrack KN
Yannick KM
Willy K
Mukey J
Gracia M
Sandji MM
Ely MS
Kelly K
Leon NM
Simon TR
Joseph KN
Bernard LI
Lievin I
Raphael K

About the Boys

By the grace of God all the kids are well and fit since last year up to now we give God all the glory and we also thank you for your support. May God bless you.

Medical Care

Boys who have been sick have benefited of medical care, they have been taken to the United Methodist hospital.


All the kids are well and they are doing better in their studies however due to the pandemic COVID 19 schools were closed last year and they were supposed to restart early January but the minister of education hasn’t yet say anything concerning the reopening of schools. So the kids are just staying at home not learning they don’t have private tutors and access to internet to access online classes.


When the recent auditor came he visited the orphanage and said all orphanages need to have an accenting and a supervisor. Now the problem we are running into is how pay they salaries, because the funds we are receiving per semester will not permit to pay salaries for the two worker and also the foods price are becoming very high due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Offices Activities and Work Done

Apart from our routine works we are participating in the church meetings at district level (Jerusalem district), we also look for support and we received many people who brought different gifts, support for the boys.

  • Taking them to hospital once they are sick.
  • Supervising their school performance
  • Helping them to understand their situation
  • In general advising them
  • Carrying for the boys
  • Giving them good food
  • Letting free kids who obtain their State Diploma
  • Contacting people for help.
  • To teach them the Christian life

Thank You from Bart

Together with kids we are very grateful, thankful from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for all what you do and continually do for us. May the almighty God continually protect and bless you.

Done in Democratic Republic of Congo the 20th January 2021

Paul Kafweta Naweji

Thank you for your support!

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