Jamaa Letu News-February 2020

The Jamaa Letu Orphanage newsletter is compiled from the December Quarterly Report from the Director’s of the BART & CEJAL Jamaa Letu Orphanages.

Boys Orphanage—BART

We praise God for the strength and blessing that has given us day by day.

We praise God, we had a nice Christmas celebration and
no one was sick during that period.

Office Activities and Work Done

Following are the routine works we do in our orphanage.

  • We also contacted and received good people who brought different gifts for our boys.
  • We are teaching them the Christian life.
  • We are working in collaboration with the pastor cabinet
  • We supervising their school performance.
  • Carrying for them
  • Taking them to the hospital once they sick

Once a week we do have a meeting with the orphans, and discus the progress or concern from each other’s.


During this period of rain, the electricity is the big problem because it is not stable and it poses us a problem to conserve our fresh food.


The performance at school was good, beside 3 kids that failed in the first semester.
Our Boys
Secondary Students School
Chadrack K 6th
Fernand K 6th
Kazadi M 6th
Gauthier M N 6th
Patrick N S 5th
Nathan N 4th
Simon K 5th
Mukut Z 5th
Chadrack K N 5th
Yannick K M 4th
Willy K 3rd
Jenovic M 1st
Gracia M 2nd
Kelly K 5th
Leon N M 4th
Simon T R 4th
Raphael K 2nd
Joseph K N 3rd
Bernard L I 1st
Lievin I 1st
Moïse M S 6th
Ely M S 5th


We thank you for your hard work and sacrifices made material and financial for the children during the year 2019-2020

May god grant you his graces and blessing.

Kafweta Naweji Paul

Events and Other Activities

In December 30th we received our superintendent and the team from Jerusalem that come to visit us, and they brought foods
for us.

This is the women group called DORCAS.
They came to visit us during Christmas and brought foods
O.N.G (G.S.P) then came to cook at the orphanage and eat with the orphans.

Girls Orphanage
—CEJAL (Centre for Jamaa Letu)


The main activities are still the same concerning the program HFCA: Food, shelter, education, health care, religion, social reintegration, and family reunification etc., FOR THE CHILDREN OF AFRICA

Our Girls
School Grade
Prisca K 2nd
Suzane K M 3rd
Ruth K 5th
Jemima K L 1st
Deborah K 1st
Micheline K I
(lives with her sister)
4th Social Technique
Astrid M E 4th Social Technique
Chatty M 1st
Abigael S 1st
Naomie S 1st
Kulofwa Z 1st
Choudelle I
Professional School
Other Resident
Florence M M 22 (age)
School Grade
Lolotte K 4th
Emmanuelle K 4th
Jaelle K 2nd
Olive L 4th
Eliane L 2nd
Clarisse M K 3rd
Patricia M 5th
Dimercia M Y 5th
Ruth N K 4th
Dorcas S 1st
Jemima S 3rd
Stephanie S 3rd
Francine T 6th
Shukrani Marie T 1st Year if Preschool

The Girls Celebrated Christmas Too!

Events and Other Activities

We had different set of activities during this last quarter:

  • We were invited to symposium organized by NGO PROBEA-COBALT which was about protecting children’s rights.
  • We have participated to our Executive Committee held once a year and we have presented our Annual Report to the Bishop and other delegates of our Southern Congo Episcopal Area.
  • The Province Minister of Social Affairs came to celebrate her birthday with the girls of CEJAL on November 30th. She shared a meal with the girls and employees of CEJAL and she received a birthday gift from our orphan girls.

Local Assistance

We had support group who visited our girls to teach them about various important topics about life, conflicts, safety…We have also received some gifts from our usual friends.

Medical Care

We have faced a few hospitalizations this last quarter: Shukrani Marie T, and Emmany.

Newly Admitted

The Episcopal office has appointed a new mother care giver for CEJAL. Mrs. Irene Sandji started her duties last August. She now lives at the orphanage with her 4 daughters.

Thank you for your support!

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