Jamaa Letu News—Spring 2022

Help Support the Orphans This June

The money collected goes to support the operating expenses of Jamaa Letu the orphanages such as food, clothing, school fees, utilities, medical care, and salaries for the staff.

COVID has changed the collection of this offering, but not the love and joy that goes with it. Please consider donating to your local church, designated Jamaa Letu, between now and the end of June.

Labels and other tools can be found on the Hope for the Children of Africa website

Thank you to Jean-Paul Dietrich

Jean-Paul is moving on to other ministries after having been in Lubumbashi, since 2017, working as a liaison between donors in the Northwest Pacific Annual Conference and the local churches for the two orphanages. Thank you for all you have done on behalf of the orphans and God bless you in your future endeavors.

The Hope for the Children of Africa Committee

See How the Kids Have Grown!

We have new photos of all of the children at the Jamaa Letu orphanages.

Girls Orphanage—CEJAL
(Centre for Jamaa Letu)


The main activities are still the same concerning the program HFCA: Food, shelter, education, health care, religion, social reintegration, family reunification, etc., For the Children of Africa! 

Events & Other Activities

We had a different set of activities during this quarter.

Among them we can mention:

March 8th: A Conference was held in favor of the children of CEJAL by Mrs. Adele (Gender Ministry) and Mrs. Elise Tshowa (Local Parliament).

Visits & Visitors

Elementary Local School Visits CEJAL Orphanage

Gamaliel School
Full Gospel Representative

Construction Project

We have received 16,000 US Dollars from our partners.

We are still waiting for the passing of the rainy season to start the construction of two additional classrooms to help us finance the orphanage.

Medical Care

The children are doing fine in general at CEJAL orphanage except for Victoire M who has been at the hospital several times during this last quarter.

Family & Social Reintegration

Micheline I. is now living with her family. We are helping her to finish this school year and obtain her diploma.

Victoire M is asking to leave the orphanage to have the experience of independent life. “How would we know that she is an adult if we keep her still?” she wrote! Unfortunately, Victoire suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia. She has her care, including medical needs covered by the student scholarship fund.


Victoire 02/02/2022 (31)

Assy 10/02/2022 (19)

Dimercia 22/02/2022 (15)

Patricia 24/02/2022 (13)

New Mattresses

We mobilized people willing to help us renew the kids’ mattresses that were in bad shape

CEJAL Girls @ School

Primary StudentsSchool GradeAge
Lolotte K6th11
Emmanuelle (Emany) K6th11
Jaelle K2nd8
Olive L7th12
Eliane L2nd11
Patricia M7th13
Dimercia M Y7th14
Dorcas S3rd7
Jemima S4th10
Stephanie S5th10
Francine T7th13
Secondary StudentsSchool GradeAge
Prisca K4th Science15
Suzane K M5th Science17
Jemima K L2nd15
Deborah K3rd16
Astrid (Assy) M E6th Social Technique18
Chatty M T3rd14
Abigael S3rd15
Naomie S4th Science15
Kulofwa Z2nd14
Professional SchoolSchool GradeAge
Marie-Choudelle I6th Couture23

Calling Out Our Top Students

We continue to encourage the girls to take their studies seriously following the example of:

Jemima K 66%
Stephanie M 60%
Dimercia M 60%
Naomie N 65%
Kulofwa Z 61%

CEJAL Kindergarten School

This quarter we lost 18 pupils just before Easter due to financial difficulties from their parents. This tends to happen at the end of the year.

All our thanks and gratitude to:

Pacific Northwest Annual Conference

Cecilia McGurk
Connie Griffin
Tim Graham
General Board of Global Ministries
Mississippi River District UMC
Mrs. Cynthia L. Fiala
Mr. Richard Bemis
Christ United Methodist Church
Missionary Jean-Paul Dietrich

Despite the troubled times we live in you have not forsaken the orphan children of Jamaa Letu and we beseech you to continue to do so.

God bless you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thanks for your support, guidance, and love!

God Bless You all!

Boys Orphanage—BART

We thank God almighty, full of love and mercy, who has been at our service and has brought us together and allowed us to deliver this work report.

Boys Activities

There were few changes in the usual activities; the boys have been busy with studies, and work such as cleaning their bedrooms, the church, and combing the compound.


Generally, the boys did well the first semester.

All the kids are well and are doing better in their studies.

Secondary School
Patrick N S6th
Nathan M N6th
Yannick K M6th
Willy K5th
Sandji M M2nd
Jenovic M3rd
Kelly K7th
Sandji E M7th
Primary School
Leon Mike T6th
Simon T R5th
Raphael K4th
Joseph K N5th
Bernard L I2nd
Lievin I3rd
Joseph M S4th
Bute I M1st

Visits and Donations

We were visited by the Clan Mwant Yav, and they brought some food and clothes to the orphans.

The wife of the Bishop, Madam Irene Kabweng came to visit the orphans and brought some food and buckets as well.

Some United Methodist Women young adult members came to visit the orphans and brought some goods.

The members of the United Methodist Galilee French Parish also brought food to the orphans.

Special Needs

We need a generator to resolve the power shortage problem.

We are not able to keep fresh food in the fridge because of the power shortage and also boys have difficulties reading during the night.

Medical Care

For this first semester, we had two cases, two boys, Bernard L I, and Nathan N M fell sick but now they are doing well.

Bernard L I was suffering from malaria and was admitted to Saint Joseph Hospital for one week but now he is doing fine.

Nathan M N was involved in a car accident when he was coming from school. His foot got injured but now he is also doing well.

Thank You

We thank you for your constant support during the last year and are very grateful to each donor of your conference.

Love And Blessings.

Kafweta Naweji Paul

Thank you for your support!

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You can help support our orphans and students by going to our website www.JamaaLetu.org  and clicking on the Donate links.

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Local UMC Instructions: Mark donation to Jamaa Letu Orphanages & note if it’s for a Child & Youth Sponsorship, Education Scholarship, or general Jamaa Letu support. Talk with your coordinator.

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Pacific NW Conference Office

Send Donations to Jamaa Letu Orphanages Pacific Northwest Conference Office P.O. Box 13650 Des Moines, WA 98193-1009. Mail donation or direct your bank to send the funds & note if it’s for a Child & Youth Sponsorship, Education Scholarship, or general Jamaa Letu support.

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