NEWS: PNW United Methodists Vote to Support Marriage Equality

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For a summary of the legislative work of the 2012 session of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference and the complete text of the aforementioned resolutions, visit our website: Click Here

PDF of this Press Release


  1. […] United Methodists from Washington and the northern panhandle of Idaho approved legislation supporting the Marriage Equality Act.  The law was signed by the governor in February and would have made Washington the seventh state to allow same-sex marriage.  The law was set to go into effect June 7 but Referendum 74, an anti-gay marriage measure, got enough signatures to put the initiative on the November ballot and put the law on hold.  During the June 21-24 meeting, delegates also approved a resolution to address “a lack of congruence between the denomination’s hardened stance against homosexuality and its historic affirmations of the rights for all people.”  The Rev. Sandy Brown, pastor at Seattle First United Methodist Church, said the church’s stance is “wrong, stupid and evil.” […]

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