The Pacific Northwest Annual Conference honors the lives of its faithful servants who are embarking on a new phase of a continuing journey.

By Jesse N. Love | Photo by Amy Pazan

The 2012 Retirees:

Jerald Hemrich • Beryl Ingram • George Lockwood • Stephen Rice • Suzanne Seaton • James Simpson • Larry Warren

Hundreds of ribbons twirled in the air Friday morning with the sound of trumpets and fanfare as Conference honored the retirees of 2012. The retirement celebration recognized the years of service of each of our retirees, an expression of gratitude, and the passing of the guard to the ordinands of 2012.

Sandy Rice presented the Statement of Gratitude to the families of this year’s group. She reflected on the not just the careers of our retirees, but of the little moments that help define the life of a pastor: making repeated adjustments in location, living space, closeness to resources, and careers to name a few. But in living out a humble, yet gratifying ministry life, some would wish for these ‘adjustments’ to stop, knowing in reality – they won’t. She shares that in giving their lives in service, God has worked within these ministers to serve others.

Mary Huycke, district superintendent of the Seven Rivers District, presented the retirees to our Conference. Bishop Grant Hagiya recognizing each retiree for their service: “Never think lightly of the great good that God has wrought through you.”

A reading of John 21: 15-17 was read as retiree Beryl Ingram passed the banner of leadership onto the ordinands represented by Katie Stickney and Geoffrey Helton, encouraging the them to bring honor to Jesus Christ.

To the retirees of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference, may God to continue to bless you during this time of sun-setting and the dawning of new joys and opportunities. God is not done with you yet!

Jesse N. Love serves as the Print & Publications Manager for the PNWUMC;
Amy Pazan is a member of Aldersgate UMC.

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