My two worlds just collided and I am so giddy. Something huge happened, and I am sure you’ll roll your eyes at me, but it’s big and let me tell you why.

Perez Hilton posted about General Conference. Click HERE to see his blog post!

Perez Hilton is a celebrity gossip blogger whose tagline is “Celebrity Juice, Not From Concentrate”.  He is a controversial figure, but recently has really turned his life around and made his blog sassy, not mean.

Okay, now to the why this is important.

Perez Hilton gets 915,000 unique visits per month to his website. That’s almost a million visits from almost a million different people! 61% of his readers are women and 43% of his readers are 18-34 years of age [Statistics taken from FindTheBest]. Also, I remember reading once (a few years ago, can’t find the article right now), that most of his readers were not religious.

Hmmmm… can you see why this is important now? Perez Hilton is reaching the demographic that The United Methodist Church is currently failing to reach.

Today, young adults are reading about how The United Methodist Church is debating our stance on homosexuality. My friends, today people we haven’t reached are learning about us because Perez Hilton blogged about us.

P.S. Also, while I am on celebrity gossip. The person at UMCOM who bought the commercial space for Rethink Church during Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a genius!

Photo Credit: By Kenski1970, Creative Commons


  1. wow! UMC on Perez! haha.

    In some ways, I think it’s awesome to have more of the world watching what is happening at GC. But on the other hand, I wonder what it will say to that world if we don’t budge—or make very little movement—on the key issues that young demographic tend to support. I suppose we’ll just have to wait (and pray) and see!

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