Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane, made landfall in the Bahamas on September 1. The prolonged exposure to extreme hurricane-force winds, storm surges, flooding and intense rainfall has produced devastating effects. Water, sanitation and food have been identified as critical needs for over 70,000 people.

UMCOR International Disaster Response (IDR) has offered financial assistance to the disaster ministry of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church, Bahamas Methodist Habitat (BMH), and is communicating with BMH to support its coordination of relief efforts.

Your help is needed, today, for Hurricane Dorian relief and other disasters UMCOR IDR is responding to around the world.

In the U.S., UMCOR-trained conference disaster coordinators and volunteers have been communicating with one another and coordinating their response to Dorian. Regions of South Carolina and North Carolina are still recovering from severe flooding brought on by hurricanes Florence and Matthew and now face additional flooding from Dorian.

Since UMCOR funding of 2018 storm relief and recovery continues, Hurricane Dorian extends the need for immediate financial gifts from UMCOR supporters.

Your help is needed! Please pray – and give, now.

Lead Photo: Hurricane Dorian from the International Space Station. Photo Credit: NASA