A. Moses Kumar of the General Council on Finance and Administration reports on the financial impact of church restructuring on May 4 during the 2012 United Methodist General Conference in Tampa, Fla. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

Overall Payouts Reach 90% for the First Time Since 2001

Nashville, TN – The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) reports 20 annual conferences paid 100% of their general Church apportioned funds in 2012 and overall apportionment payouts reached 90%, the highest payout level the general Church has reached since 2001. The conferences paying 100% are Alaska, Baltimore-Washington, Desert Southwest, East Ohio, Greater New Jersey, Holston, Illinois Great Rivers, Iowa, Kansas West, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Northern Illinois, Oklahoma Indian Missionary, Peninsula-Delaware, Red Bird Missionary, Tennessee, West Michigan, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. In 2011, 17 conferences gave 100% to all seven general Church apportioned funds.

Moses Kumar, General Secretary for GCFA said “It is truly a blessing that we had this increase for 2012. But more importantly, the people of The United Methodist Church have come together in a way that affirms the ministries of the Church. The support of the apportioned funds is a statement that we are doing a new thing in the Church and that together we can make a difference in the lives of so many people. There are so many stories throughout the connection of annual conferences that made significant increases – and that also increases the total impact on ministry. That is a testament to the commitment of the Church for local and global ministry. Thank you.”

The Tennessee Conference reached 100% in 2012. Jim Allen, Director of Administration, says “The generosity of the people in the our local churches of their gifts from God, combined with-better than-expected gains from our investments, made this possible.” The West Ohio Conference made a significant increase in percentage paid in 2012. Bill Brownson, Treasurer and Director of Administration for the conference says “In West Ohio we have intentionally reset our priorities and made Connectional Giving more prominent. In combination with other initiatives to better manage total expenses both for the Conference and local churches. The Conference was able to make a significant improvement in its connectional giving while continuing to equip and support local churches and clergy.”

Ten annual conferences on the 2012 list have paid 100% for five consecutive years or more. All five US jurisdictions reported increases in remittance percentages. The North Central Jurisdiction increased from 89.76% in 2011 to 95.77% in 2012.” West Ohio increased from 65% in 2011 to 95% in 2012. Others with significant increases are California-Pacific, increasing 17%; Oregon-Idaho increasing 14% and Northwest Texas increasing 12%.

The General Council on Finance and Administration coordinates and administers finances, collects and tabulates the official records, and safeguards the legal interests and rights of The United Methodist Church.


  1. Sounds like some good news and affirmations in the midst of the continuing economic struggles and it is great to see a couple of our west coast conferences included in a least a significant upward trend. I look forward to seeing the figures for all conferences, especially ours.

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