Amy Pazan, Jesse Love, Amanda Tobey, and Teri Tobey
will attend the Global Young People’s Convo in Tagaytay, Philippines.

Traveling mercies for UMC young people visiting the Philippines
By Jesse N. Love

Conference staff and young people prepare to visit the Philippines for the Global Young People’s Convocation and Legislative Assembly in Tagaytay, Luzon (July 16–20, 2014).

Fresh off of the PNW Annual Conference Sessions, three young adults and a youth wait in anticipation as they embark on a new adventure that will lead them to the other side of the Pacific into the warm and festive islands of the Philippines.

Amy Pazan, Amanda Tobey, Teri Tobey and Jesse Love will be attending The Global Young People’s Convocation and Legislative Assembly as representatives from The Pacific Northwest Conference and The Western Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church.

Beginning Friday, July 11 they will depart from the Seattle Area and take a 15-hour journey to Manila. This group will have an opportunity to connect with other young people from the worldwide Methodist connection to experience exposure trips to learn about Filipino people and history, participate in legislative sessions (discussing environmental action, church exclusivity due to sexual orientation, church investments, and more), and grow in faith with worship sessions lead by spiritual leadership from different countries.

Amy Pazan (@amyumc, @pnwumc) is a communications contributor for the PNW Conference. Pazan is a non-voting young adult delegate for this trip and will also support social media through photography, blogging and updating the Conference Facebook and Twitter pages. “I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new friends. I am excited for what the current generation of young people can bring to the table of the Church. I pray that we as young people can show that we value the Church and the saints that have gone before us.”

Amanda Tobey (@tobey_amanda) is a designated voting delegate for the Western Jurisdiction. Her role includes participating in the legislative process by listening, sharing her voice, and voting for and against different legislation for the Convo. “I am looking forward to making a difference, however I may be called to on this adventure. Whether it is to be a voice, to listen, or simply to witness, I can’t wait for this journey to unlock new doors in my life. This is an experience unlike any I have ever had before and I am thankful to be a part of it with the inspirational people I am bringing with me.”

Teri Tobey(@TbearTobey) serves as the program associate for Young People’s Ministries. She will be the chaperone for the PNW representatives. She served behind the scenes to host webinars for the Western Jurisdiction to have everyone meet and to discuss logistics & cultural discussions for this trip. “This will be my first Convo and my first time in the Philippines. After assisting the Rise up! CI project last winter, I am excited to attend Convo in the Philippines and learn even more about the Filipino culture and our fellow United Methodists from around the world. I look forward to keeping our group safe while we learn, worship and experience first hand our Global Church.”

Jesse Love (@channels_pnwumc), the Conference’s graphic designer & print manager will serve as a communicator for the group. Love will help share stories and capture photos and video from the Philippines. “This will be my fourth visit to the Philippines, my family’s homeland. I really look forward to seeing everyone have a good time as they discover the landscape and the culture of my people as they do the work of the Church. This trip has the potential to be a very formative, Christian experience for our young people.”

For Love and Pazan, this is the second time each has attended the GYPC-LA when the previous Convo was held in Berlin, Germany. Each member of the PNW is committed to helping one another as they navigate through legislation and this physical terrain of the Philippines.

Representatives from the PNW will return on July 21. Please include this group as well as the entire Convocation in your thoughts and prayers as they travel, discuss important matters in the church, discover new friendships, and worship with one another as a unified body.

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Special thanks to the Connectional Table
for supporting representatives from the PNWUMC.


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