Clockwise from the top left: the Rev. Paul Jeffrey, Dr. Guy Kasanka, Katherine Parker, Daria Hofer, Roman Hofer, Tara Miller, and Bishop Gabriel Unda Yemba. Photos courtesy of

The Summit for Conference Secretaries of Global Ministries | By Joan Hackett

On Friday, May 3, Joan and Keith Hackett, Conference Secretaries of Global Ministries attended the Blessing Service for the Spring 2013 Missionary Class as the climax of the Summit for Conference Secretaries of Global Ministries in New York.

Bishop Gabriel Unda Yemba of the new East Congo Central Conference preached in French with English translation. Missionaries placed their shoes in the center aisle and then their feet were washed by GBGM staff including Thomas Kemper. During his welcoming message, Kemper stated that missionaries are sent “from everywhere to everywhere”. He also shared three photos of foot washing sculptures or pictures from his very recent visit to China.

The ten new missionaries included Daria and Roman Hofer of the Swiss-France Annual Conference who will be serving in the Democratic Republic of Congo and are connected with PNW so churches can begin Covenant Relationships with them.

Dr. Guy Kasanka is no longer serving as a missionary and David and Lori Persons have now retired. So, all churches who have supported these missionaries are invited to support Daria and Roman or another PNW connected missionary (This connection means that the missionary will be able to itinerate in PNW and visit churches). Katherine Parker who has been itinerating this spring will be going to Nepal for her new assignment. The Rev. Paul Jeffrey who will be itinerating in the Fall and Tara Miller (a US2 at Mary’s Place in Seattle) are all also available for Covenant Relationships as well as others listed in the Funding Ministry and Mission Outreach booklet. The Covenant Relationship form can find it online at

Supporting a missionary with a Covenant Relationship is one of the 5 Columns of Mission that every church is encouraged to achieve each year. Again at Annual Conference this year 5 Column Churches will be honored at the Mission Luncheon FRIDAY June 14 in the Fuji room. Everyone attending Annual Conference is invited to attend though seating is limited to the first 140! The theme this year will be:

“From the Roma in Bulgaria to Republicans in Nebraska: Where’s Paul Jeffrey been lately?”

Come by the luncheon and find out.

Joan Hackett serves as a Conference Secretary of Global Ministries for the PNWUMC.

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