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2013 marks the fourth year that The United Methodist Church has participated in “Change the World,” an event led by United Methodist Communications and its partners as part of the Rethink Church movement.

“Change the World: Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus” by the Rev. Mike Slaughter was the catalyst for this event that has involved 200,000 volunteers from as many as 16 countries – all participating in a movement to live Christ’s love in community for the transformation of the world. Slaughter’s book, “Change the World,” asks this compelling question, “If your church closed its doors tomorrow, would your community notice?”

Participating in “Change the World” draws attention and builds awareness of your existing ministries, allowing them to expand with more servant leaders. It also gives you an opportunity to create new missions in collaboration with other United Methodist churches. Many districts and conferences now use “Change the World” as a catalyst for collaboration and outreach.

Are you willing to shine a light on the social issues within your community and work together for a changed world?

Free worship and marketing kit!

The first 1,000 U.S.-based United Methodist churches or extension ministries to register with event details will receive a free worship and marketing kit!

 Or, if you are sure you want to participate, but don’t yet have details, complete the pre-registration. You’ll receive helpful information via email to help you plan the event.

United Methodist churches beyond the United States will receive free downloadable resources by completing registration here.

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Take the “Change the World” challenge! Show the world what God is doing in your community – and invite others to come along!

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