Statement of Unity from Young People of United Methodist Church


Updated to include a video of the statement. May 18, 2016 6:21pm

This statement of unity was read by Ann Jacob, a young adult reserve delegate from the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, on the floor of the United Methodist General Conference today. It was shaped by the work of over 300 United Methodist young people from 34 countries.

It was received with a standing ovation.

Statement of Unity from the United Methodist Global Young People’s Convocation and Legislative Assembly held in Manila, Philippines:

“There has been increasing talk of schism of the United Methodist Church in recent months. Many say that the issue of homosexuality is so contentious that it will inevitably split our Church. We, as the young people of The United Methodist Church, would like to say that we do not desire a divided Church. “The Church that we have taken our places in is called to a ministry that includes so much more than this one issue. There are genuine, passionate perspectives on all sides of the issue and though we disagree, we have committed ourselves to loving, faithful discussion on this subject. Part of the beauty of our Church is that there has always been room at the table for a wide range of theological diversity within our connectional church family. As Wesley said, ‘May we not be of one heart, though we are not of one opinion?’ “We urge everyone to seek solutions that promote our global unity as the United Methodist Church of Jesus Christ, rather than focus only on the issues that divide us, so that we may faithfully live out our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

Statement of Unity from GYPCLA 2014 read on the floor of General Conference 2016 by Ann Jacobs. Photo by Teri Tobey for the PNW Conference.

By The Global Young People’s Convocation & Legislative Assembly Manila, Philippines.


  1. Ann is also co-chair of the Division on Ministries with Young People, who organize GYPCLA, which is the event from which this statement of unity came.

  2. […] 3. Our Young People’s Statement of Unity: General Conference is intimidating. I don’t know if I’d be bold enough to speak at a microphone as our process requires a keen understanding of Robert’s Rule of Order. By speaking on the floor of General Conference, you are in the spot light and viewed by persons all around the world via living streaming. Yet, moved by the Spirit a group of “young people” shared their heartfelt conviction to love and serve God as “united ” United Methodist. They said, “Part of the beauty of our Church is that there has always been room at the table for a wide range of theological diversity within our connectional church family.”  Read their statement from the Young People’s Convocation (July 2014) compiled in the Philippin….  […]

  3. I have trouble with this. Where does a Christian draw the line between standing for truth as a shining light in a world of darkness/falsehood, and
    Allowing what God has undeniably condemned? Our responsibility as faithful Christians is not only to spread the message of God’s love and do good, but to also uphold his standard of what is moral and immoral sexually. The Bible is crystal clear on this issue. I cannot call clean what God has said is filthy morally. Is it now more important to accept everyone, than it is to be faithful to God and his standards? Christ never hesitated to condem sin, telling sinners to “Go, and sin no more.” The Methodist Church must decide whether they are more worried about pleasing God or offending and then losing some of its members/money.

  4. The Bible is not “crystal clear” on most issues. It is only so for those who chose to select passages which support their particular bias. The Bible is not there for proof texting but as a guide for persons who wish to understand the unveiling of our human struggle to search for the will of the “source” of our Creator from whom all of creation has evolved. To presume to know the ultimate will of that Creator is to exhibit an arrogance that far exceeds the authority of writings which have been an instrument in the unveiling of the Creator’s Design but which have not been the final Word. Elizabeth needs to do some reading in John Wesley who used an incident between Jehu and Jehon’adab in his sermon on the “Catholic Spirit” found in II Kings 10:15 in which he quoted, “Is your heart as mine is to yours?” And Jehon’adab answered, “it is.” Jehu said, If it is, give me your hand.” I don’t believe for one minute that “The Methodist Church . . . is more worried about pleasing God or offending and then losing some of its members/money.” I would be naive if I said the above quote is not true since there is an element of truth in it. However, as a UM Minister of over 50 years, I take offense that it has been or is the focus of my struggle or the struggle of my congregations to understand, live out and communicate the will of the God of Love to all.

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