Sorry to Non-Methodists, but this is a really inside-the-ballpark conversation.

The United Methodist Church, the predecessors of which grew up during the rise of the United States of America, parallels the American government in that we have three branches: the legislative (General Conference), the judicial (Judicial Council) and the executive (the Bishops and the General Boards).

As a court system goes, our Judicial Council is pretty solid. It seems that once in a while, though, there’s a decision by the Judicial Council that is a head-scratcher or an outright farce (see JC1032). Then again, the same decisions that I think were 100% right-on were called an error by others (see the dueling PlanUMC dissolution arguments pro and con). So it goes with the judicial system in any arena, I guess.

This most recent round of court decisions had not a huge blow-up but really a head-scratcher:

Head over to Rev. Jeremy Smith’s blog to read more of his post on the Judicial Council’s ruling.

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