On the Shelf:
Resources for Faith Sharing
By Ian McKnight with Jesse N. Love

COVER_Channels_90_149pxIf you have read the February issue of Channels, you’ll notice that this issue’s focus is on sharing. Sharing our faith is an important aspect in our own spiritual development as well as for others whom we share our faith with. How we listen and empathize with others is a part of the faith-sharing experience.

This month, the Regional Media Center offers up these two video resources to encourage your local church to share the word of God through the telling of your own real, authentic faith experiences.

RESOURCES_FaithOutLoud2Faith Out Loud (D1058)

Share my faith? Me? What do I say? My story isn’t exceptional. I don’t know what to say.

My life is my witness. We all have different experiences of faith; some may be more comfortable sharing their faith verbally than others. This DVD encourages all of us to realize that we have a faith story and we can share our experience of God with others through our words as well as our actions. If you feel tongue-tied about witnessing, this video may well be a step towards becoming better at witnessing. With an emphasis on supporting our church through our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness, this video can open your heart, mind, and spirit to talk about your faith out loud.

There are eleven sessions (each 10 min. long) covering the following topics: Grace, God’s People Coming Through For You, God Coming Alive in Your Life, God’s Presence, God’s Absence, How God Makes a Difference in Your Daily Life, Ideas of God That You Find Meaningful, Times of Suffering in which God Made a Difference, People Who Have Made a Difference in Your Life, A Time You Were Surprised by God, and Your Favorite Passage in the Bible.

Includes 3 disks with study guide on the CD-ROM. Topics can be used in any order. No need to watch all segments consecutively.


RESOURCES_ListenListen: Praying in a Noisy World (D1024)

This resource by retired UMC Bishop Rueben P. Job is a six-week (40-day) prayer journey that can be used any time of year but may be particularly meaningful during Lent. The resource helps individuals and groups learn how to listen for, understand and follow God’s guidance and direction.

Participants use the prayer guide on their own and then come together once a week to watch a video, discuss and share what they are learning and pray together. The DVD provides six video segments featuring interview clips with a variety of people talking about their own experiences with prayer.

Ian McKnight serves as the manager of the Regional Media Center.
Jesse N. Love serves as the graphic designer and print manager of the PNWUMC.

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