By Ian McKnight | Manager, Regional Media Center

Did you know that all churches in our conference now have a Basic Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) License through our new group license?  This summer, the Regional Media Center began working with CCLI to establish a group license for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska Conferences!  In July, the group license took effect, giving all United Methodist Churches in these two conferences a Basic CCLI License with a significant discount.

Within these two conferences, there were a total of 99 groups without CCLI coverage, and 178 with.  Now, we are comfortable in the knowledge that all 277 groups within our conference are covered under a Basic CCLI License.

You should have received a notification in the mail from CCLI this summer that included information about this new group license.  If you already had a CCLI Basic License, your license number stays the same, but you no longer directly pay CCLI.  If you did not have CCLI previously, then you were given a new license number.  If you have lost any of this information, please contact the Regional Media Center and we will be happy to provide you with your CCLI Basic License number.

If you have any additional services from CCLI, such as Song Select, or their Streaming License, you will still need to pay for these services individually.

But how does your license get paid for if you aren’t paying it any longer?  Since having a CCLI Basic License could be considered liability coverage, the discounted charge for this license will show up on your Fire & Liability Insurance bill from the Treasurer’s office.  The Treasurer’s office will pay for the CCLI Basic Group License in one large sum every year in July taken from this.

Please contact Ian Patrick McKnight at the Regional Media Center with any questions or concerns about your CCLI Basic License or what it covers at

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