By Aaron Pazan

What are you looking forward to at this year’s Annual Conference Sessions?

“I’m looking forward to further my faith journey at Annual Conference.”
Katy Ritchey, Garden Street UMC
Youth Member (Picture on right)

“I’m looking forward to be able to be just present and run my focus session (Congregational Development).”
Mary Stanton-Nurse, Trinity UMC
Committee Chair (Center Picture on left)

“I’m a first-time voting member of Conference. I’m finally getting to sit in the bar of Annual Conference and have the ability to say things on the floor.”
Andrew Stanton-Nurse, Trinity UMC
Church Delegate (Center Picture on right)

“I’m a first-timer. I’m looking forward to experiencing all of Annual Conference. I’m a lay member who works in the local church, I want to know more about church politics.”
Katelyn Peer, Vancouver First UMC
Paige Chaperone (Picture on left)

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