By Ann Eachus | Peace With Justice Coordinator | PNWAC

It is a pleasure to announce the recipients of Peace With Justice Grants for 2014. The following projects are receiving cash awards from the Peace With Justice Offering taken in 2013.

Mission EDU Senegal, a non-profit sponsored by the United Nations Association of Greater Seattle. Their project, Equal Chances, seeks to support public schools in Senegal to help bridge the gap between private and public schools. This grant will provide school supplies for 150 girls whose parents cannot afford to pay for them. $1000.

Youth Chaplaincy Coalition, a non-profit Task Force of the Church Council of Greater Seattle.   Their project, Mentors in Mission – Summer Program will provide gardening and mentoring for youth in a Group Home followed by activities in the community. This will give the youth from a transition group home a positive experience outside of the home. $1000.

Caretakers of God’s Creation is a grassroots community of United Methodists. Their project is Fossil Free UMC which will reach out to leaders of Annual Conferences with materials to use to educate and organize around the church’s role in ending dependence on fossil fuels. $750.

Earth Ministry, a non-profit with national reach based in Seattle, WA. Their project, Standing for Sacred Ground is a response to a request from the Lummi nation that the faith communities honor the promise made in 1997 for help in protecting tribal sacred sites. This grant will matched by a national donor. $750

The Rainbow Center, a non-profit located in Tacoma, WA. Their project is providing ASL interpreting services for the Tacoma Pride Festival Week. This allows deaf individuals and their families to participate in the festival which includes an inter-faith event. $500.

Peace With Justice Sunday, June 15 this year, is traditionally observed on the Sunday following Pentecost which recalls the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on early Christians. The offering that is taken is divided between the Annual Conference and the General Board of Church and Society which administers its own grant program. Their most recent recipients are described on their website at

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