Outrageously Fun and Spiritually Rich Camping and Retreat Ministries Lunch
By Sarah Robinson

When Camping folk gather together, one can always expect a rousing good time and thoughtful reflection on spiritual formation. The Friday lunch at the good ol’ PNWAC was no different! After a warm welcome from Executive Director of Camping Alan Rogstad, the staff from Lazy F Camp presented Lazy F’s Got Talent. The energetic young staff sang, danced, and rapped about the various camp activities: the challenge course, sports, arts and crafts, archery, gardening, and of course, the Cupid Shuffle.

Not only did the staff get the whole room smiling, the Lazy F Program Director John Harrell also got up to talk about the spiritual growth that happens at camp. The phrases of the afternoon, “outrageously fun” and “spiritually rich” were used to describe the amazing energy and vital growth in faith that comes from a camp experience. The group broke into small groups and prayed together for the campers, families, and churches that would be participating in the summer programs.

Joyce O’Connor-Magee, the Chair of Camping Board of Stewards closed the gathering. As a representative for and lover of all four of our camps, Indianola, Twinlow, Ocean Park, and Lazy F, Joyce called the supporters of camping to Rethink Camp, to revision how camps adapt to the changing needs of our congregations and participants.

There are encouraging things happening at our camps, and God must have been watching over the group, because the lunch planned by the Conference was serendipitously the cross-camp favorite: Taco Bar. Amen!

Sarah Robinson serves as Camping Registrar and Administrator for Camping and Retreat Ministries.

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