By the Rev. John J. Shaffer | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

There are some things that are impossible with human beings.  We have not figured out a way to stop earthquakes or volcanic flows.  Glaciers pretty well do what glaciers do:  advance or retreat.  We certainly can’t stop them from moving forward.  Tornadoes cannot be eliminated.  But one big question facing us at Annual Conference is this:  Can we stop the flow of used books coming to Annual Conference in 2017?

What to do with surplus books?  In the past, there has been the opportunity to bring them to Annual Conference.  Not this year!  Do not bring them to the Annual Conference in Portland this year.  There will be no provision for them.

However, we can provide some alternatives.   Many of the books, as selected, will be sent to schools in the Philippines. It is important to let the receiving places know in advance, so the books can be stored safely.

  • The Rev. J. Allan Ocampo’s home
    1402 181st Pl SW, Lynnwood, WA
    Phone 425-775-6021 or 425-775-6021
  • Shoreline: Ronald UMC
    17839 Aurora Ave N., Shoreline WA
    Phone 206-542-2484  (Attention: Marilyn Reid)
  • John J. Shaffer
    32332 109th Place SE, Auburn WA
    Phone 425-314-5916  (Unavailable: Feb-March, 2017)

Who usually brings books?  
Retirees, pastors who are downsizing, estates, surplus books from many sources, libraries from closed churches or churches that are downsizing.

What is popular?  
Sets of Interpreter’s Bibles and resources appropriate for seminary students in the Philippines.

In the past, volunteers have taken books to used bookstores (like Powell’s in Portland).  Religious books are not popular with bookstores, but they will recycle used books.

If there are those among us who do not read every word:  There will be no used book distribution at Annual Conference this year at Portland.

If you insist on bringing them to Annual Conference in Portland, consider cutting out the middle person and throw them away where you live.

The Rev. John J. Shaffer is a retired pastor and a past coordinator who no longer owns a truck.


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