New Events and Resources from the Wesleyan Covenant Connection
By the Rev. Wally Snook | Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Wesleyan Covenant Connection is expanding its ministry!  Our focus on connecting congregations with Great Witness Weekends is just a part of our plans to conduct training events in fruitful Christian Faith Sharing (witnessing); to conduct training events in Evangelism and Outreach, and to help individuals and congregations celebrate their faith relationship with Jesus Christ. 

A major Great Witness Weekend event is planned for Central United Protestant Church (CUP) on April 24-26, 2015.  There is an active CUP Host Team that has been working on the details and this resulted in a meeting with pastors in the Greater Tri-Cities Area to include them and their congregations in the weekend.  CUP is also interested in becoming a church that will train pastors and Witness Teams to minister to churches all over eastern Washington!  With their leadership, they also hope to have a specific focus on including Hispanic congregations.  There are inquiries and requests that they will be following up on, and it looks like their work of helping churches come alive will be even more fruitful.

Besides coordinating the Great Witness Weekends in East Wenatchee Trinity UMC and Everett La Palabra Viviente UMC this year, we have begun work on a book that we will print that will include information and how-to training documents for Great Witness Weekends.  We have chosen to undertake this task in the hopes that with accurate resource material, this ministry will expand beyond our own abilities!  It would be wonderful to hear some faith experiences from the readers of Channels as these could possibly be included in our upcoming book.

As a result of our work with Seattle Pacific University Seminary on our Discipleship Seminar with Dr. Kevin Watson, two of our Wesleyan Covenant Connection Board members are now serving on the Seminary’s Board.  We anticipate continued work with SPU Seminary, as they want to work with us in evangelism work.  Since we are the only contact with the Seminary, it is important that we stay actively involved.

We have been promoting Dr. Kevin Watson’s book “The Class Meeting”, as we have found that John Wesley’s emphasis on the transforming nature of these small groups is an excellent follow-up to our Great Witness Weekends.  Wesley instructed the members to share their life with God that week (How is it with your soul?).  This seems like a wonderful way to help each other make it through the week!

Sharing faith stories and experiences helps persons grow spiritually.  It is our hope that through our ministry many of our churches will come alive!

Wally Snook serves as the Wesleyan Covenant Connection evangelism coordinator.



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