The election is over. Yard signs are disappearing. The “just a short survey” phone calls have stopped. TV ads have turned to Christmas rather than candidates.

Whether you agree with the results or feel less than pleased with the outcomes, decisions are made and it’s time to move forward.

Referendum 74, better known as the Marriage Equality Act, has been one of the most emotional and divisive issues Washington voters have ever faced. United Methodists in our area have long stood on both sides of this issue, and the election highlighted those differences – among congregations, between colleagues, and within congregations. Now that the referendum has passed, how do we live in a way that encompasses both our deep unity in Christ and our disagreement on this issue?

To begin that conversation, the Seattle District is hosting a gathering on Saturday, December 1st. We will break bread together at the lunch table and the Communion table, reaffirming our unity in Christ. To create a structure for safe, honest and holy discussion, Rev. Marilyn Littlejohn will be our facilitator for the day. We’ll discuss healing for divided congregations, practical implications of the new law for churches, and the reality of the United Methodist Discipline’s position on same-sex marriages in the church. Open-hearted people with a range of beliefs and commitments will make for the best conversation. We invite you to come:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church

3001 24th Avenue South  Seattle, WA 98144

11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

United Methodists from Seattle District and beyond are welcome, and we especially encourage leaders among the laity to attend. We will provide soup. You’re invited to bring a potluck of side dishes to round out the meal. Questions about the event can be directed to Barbara Moreland or Pat Simpson. If you need child care in order to attend, contact Jonathan Assink in the Seattle District office:

With you on the Way of Jesus,

Barbara Moreland, Seattle District Lay Leader

Pat Simpson, Seattle District Superintendent


Image Credit: ‘Unity & Separation’ by Flickr user chris.woodall.

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