Mission u
Mission u is the new name for the Cooperative School of Christian Mission. It’s not too late to register! Join us in Ellensburg July 12 – 15, 2013. Learn how to “Live Sacramentally and Walk Justly,” get acquainted with the “Roma of Europe,” and gain a new perspective on “Poverty” and what action we can personally take on this prevalent issue. Visit for more details.

Glimpses of Mission U | By Judy Dirks
“I’ve attended Mission u five times over the past five years.  I’ve been going since I was in second grade!  I have learned so much, which is what has brought me back year after year!  The mission studies have taught me so much about the world and all the things I can do to help within it.  I’ve learned what it was like to live as an early Native American; experienced (in role play) the restrictions placed on Palestinians living in the Holy Land; and I’ve even gotten to do service projects at Lazy F and a local food bank.  Through the years, I’ve become friends with youth from all over the Conference!  The youth class usually bonds by doing fun activities like swimming, bowling, and going out for frozen yogurt!  And, of course, who wouldn’t love getting to stay in a college dorm for a weekend?  After five years, I’m ready for my sixth:  Mission u 2013!”

Nica Sy
UMC youth, 14 years old

“My first experience with the Cooperative School of Christian Mission was many years ago at Eastern Washington University.  One of the members of my local unit asked me to attend with her.  There were such great classes I have kept returning.  The in-depth studies on the books of the Bible have led me to do more reading and studying on my own.  The studies on the Russian Orthodox Church and Islam helped me to grow in my own faith journey.  The geographic studies taught things about people and cultures around the world you don’t get from the media.  Meeting other United Methodists from around the Conference during the class times expanded my involvement in United Methodist Women and the church.  Come to Mission u and bring a friend from your church!”

Sharon Stovall
UMW Inland District President

“Joan has been trying to get me to go to Mission u for many years and I have always had reasons/excuses not to go—don’t we all?  Well, two years ago I was asked to lead “The Journey” and I had a great experience.  The training is one of the best I have been to and well worth the time and energy.  Leaders are trained nationally and they then train people in the Jurisdictions to lead the events and then at the Conference event all those who attend are encouraged to take their learnings and share them in the local church.”

“This is one of the best offerings the Church provides for both lay and clergy and is a wonderful example of UMW and the wider church working very well together.  If you get an opportunity to attend or to be a leader then take it!  For clergy there is an extra bonus as this counts toward our continuing education requirements and it will enrich your ministry.  This event is very much a grassroots experience, not something else from the top down.”

The Rev. Keith Hackett
UMC clergyman

“I’ve had such a great experience the last two summers at the Cooperative School of Missions, now Mission u.  Sometimes I think about the church year in relation to how infrequently as a pastor I take time to read or study in-depth about missions. It’s then that I realize all over again how grateful I am that there is a place in our UM church body that is in touch, that studies what’s going on in global missions, and knows what’s going on.  United Methodist Women are in touch, they study and they know.  Our local church and my ministry are enriched by the lives of those who avail themselves of this time of study. Worship, plenaries, elective classes, meal times of fellowship, times for quick walks or naps, each and every moment at Mission u was enriching for me, and I know would be for any United Methodist, clergy or lay.  First-timers are especially blessed, so go!  It really is something everyone should do once, twice, every year.”

Rev. Mike Graef
UMC clergyman

“My Cooperative School of Christian Mission experience began in 1995.  It grew out of a persistent invitation from a highly regarded, faithful, local United Methodist Women member.  One School attended and I was hooked!  The all school study on Ecclesiastes mesmerized me as Kohelet (Rev. Russ Meyer) taught us from his stool on the Eastern Washington University stage.  A study on the United Nations gave me so much new insight and understanding that eventually led to my participation in a UMW U.N. Seminar that was life-changing.  Our local UMW unit started a Reading Program group that year and I shared the text and some of the things I learned.  What I witnessed in that group as a result of the U.N. study gave testimony to the quality and importance of the relevant, comprehensive studies CSOCM provide.  The texts, study leaders, fellow class members all have expanded and enriched my world.  I am so grateful for all the mission information received. That has led to a growing passion for missions including initiating (with much help, of course) our County’s first ever CWS CROP Hunger Walk.  Now, as the 2013 Assistant Dean, I have come to appreciate fully the extensive time and effort put forth by dozens to give us this amazing mission education event.  Having a “cooperative” school in our Conference allows us to benefit from sharing not only inter-generationally but with UMW and non-UMW members from the church at large.”

Judy Dirks
UMW – Assistant Dean

Haiti: Religion’s Response to Disaster (D1002)

Haiti: Religion’s Response to Disaster (D1002)
This 30-minute documentary shows how faith-based organizations including Church World Service, Catholic Relief Services, UMCOR and others such as Mennonite and Jewish Relief Agencies have responded and continue to respond to the devastating earthquake that occurred in Haiti in 2010. Although several years have passed since that traumatic event, relief work is by its nature long-term and faith-based organizations are uniquely committed to long-term development assistance. With more than 325,000 people dead from this earthquake, the need for assistance in every aspect of life can not be underestimated, yet the dignity, faith, and hard-work of the Haitian people is inspiring as they survive daily amongst terrible conditions and move towards recovery and healing. To reserve this video now, e-mail The Regional Media Center.

God’s Transforming Mission (D5601)

God’s Transforming Mission (D5601)
This is a two-disc resource (disc 1 = DVD and disc 2 = CD ROM of resource info) to introduce the United Methodist Women and their work in mission. It contains mission stories. Postage fee is waived to encourage promotion and participation in the United Methodist Women. “Extremely useful. Used with adults in UMW. Very interesting and helpful information for our UMW Quite Day of Prayer and Self-Denial. I will use this again in the future. Thank you.”- Rev. Letha Essinger. To reserve this video now, e-mail The Regional Media Center.

Journey in Mission: United Methodist Women (D5007)

Journey in Mission: United Methodist Women (D5007)
“We really do have to accept that Europe and North America need to be re-evangelized.” -Mercy Amba Oduyoye. “We may be seeing in the coming century a change, whereby the Christian faith is a religion of relatively poor people who are spreading it among relatively poor people.” -Andrew F. Walls. Explore in this DVD produced by United Methodist Women, some of the major mission challenges Christians must face in the 21st century: 1) Mission among the world’s poor, ministry to children and youth; 2) The impact of globalization and reconciliation among nations and peoples. The DVD contains creative activities for church groups to participate in God’s transforming mission in the 21st century. To reserve this video now, e-mail The Regional Media Center.

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