Laity Session Notes
By Amy Pazan

  • Bishop Hagiya called the 141st Annual Conference to order.
  • Joan Holms thanked Pat Dodson for her years of service as associate conference lay leader.
  • Executive Director of Connectional Ministries Rev. David Valera welcomes laity both old and new to AC. Goes into our role as laity.  Laity’s primary role: to interpret and communicate the work of AC to local church.  Laity “Prepare for, participate during, serve after.”  They are encouraged to study the Pre-Conference Handbook and to stay in touch with their local pastor and attend district cluster groups.  Learn more about Conference Rules and develop an understanding of the Book of Discipline.  Experience & participate in worship.  Complete the evaluation process.
  • Valera introduced resources of the Conference and educated laity on their special purpose to their local churches and the Conference.
  • Holms welcomed first-time attendees to Annual Conference.  She shared a personal story about how she became involved with the Annual Conference as a layperson.
  • She emphasized that laity help serve by interpreting and communicating the work of AC to local church.
  • Julia Frisbie shared information on Imagine No Malaria.
  • David Reinholz was announced as the newly-elected associate lay leader for the PNWUMC.
  • Rev. John Brewer talks to us about the ministry fund drive.  Brewer will serve as the “last leg” of the ministry fund campaign.
  • Brant Henshaw provided perspective on funding and accountability.
  • Patrick Scriven provided information on effective communication of what conference has to help
  • Kristin Joyner – Connecting for mission ministry group. Helps with local missions.
  • Jenny Phillips, Minister for Environmental Stewardship and Advocacy, shared that Creation Care undergirds all other ministries since all creation is God’s and our responsibility.


Amy Pazan is a member of Aldersgate UMC in Bellevue
and is a student at Central Washington University in Ellensburg.

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