Amory Peck and Joan Holms are pictured at the 2012 Pacific Northwest Annual Conference.

Journeys | By Joan Holms

I find that I have many more questions than answers these days. How do I reserve meeting space? Do I need to order lunch for the Board of Laity meetings? I serve on how many committees?

While I am honored and humbled to have been elected Conference lay leader at this year’s Annual Conference, I must admit to feeling just slightly overwhelmed by the enormity of the position. I cannot plead ignorance – I fully understood the responsibilities long before running for this position. However, now that we are in September and my calendar is filling up, I am beginning to fully appreciate the significance of this role, and the great commitment made by my predecessor, Amory Peck.

While this all may seem overwhelming right now, I know that I can fulfill these responsibilities because I have received the assurance from many of you that I am not in this alone. As I embark on this journey I know that God walks alongside, providing what I need when I need it, I need simply leave myself open to the Spirit’s leading. I recognize that God is working through many of you who have offered your assistance, your well wishes and, most important, your prayers. I am grateful for all of you.

When I addressed the Laity Session at Annual Conference I mentioned that one of the things that most attracted me to the United Methodist Church was our connectional system – together we can do what we cannot do alone. I am finding that this holds true for me personally, as well as it does for our local churches. I know that my journey will be enhanced by connecting with the journey each of you finds yourself on. In future articles I will share my journey with you and I hope that you will share the stories of your journey with me as we connect across the Conference.

Holms serves as the Conference lay leader for the PNWUMC.
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This article was originally featured in Channels 56, September 2012. Download this issue, here

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