Jamaa Letu News
By Barbara Dadd Shaffer

New Video Available
A new 3-minute video debuted at this year’s Annual Conference and is available for use by local churches. It describes the ministry of the orphanages, quotes a poignant message from the director of the boys’ orphanage about a new toddler in care, and gives info about how to make donations. The graphics are inviting and informative.

Check the website: bit.ly/video-jamaaletu. Will also be on the disc distributed with conference Journal in late fall.


Jars for Jamaa Letu
This collection is a significant portion of the support for the two orphanages. It is suggested for the season after Easter until the time of Annual Conference in June (although several churches collect year round). Many churches brought a check to Annual Conference. The collection may also be sent to the Conference treasurer’s office – with the regular monthly remittances by your local church treasurer. It’s not as dramatic as putting it into the African basket on the platform at the Awards Banquet, but it’s equally effective in supporting the ministry.

Annual Conference Action/Petition Approved
The petition supporting the continuing partnership between the PNW Conference and the South Congo Conference (especially for the ministry of the orphanages) was affirmed by the Annual Conference. The petition resolved “that this partnership especially include support of the two orphanages named Jamaa Letu (‘Our Family’ in Swahili)” which includes “promotion of the financial and prayer support of these children and their caregivers” and for “education scholarships for university or vocational training.”


Christmas In June
Did you see the stunning graphics at the display at Annual Conference? And the small Christmas tree? It was an invitation to make gifts for the children and teens living in these orphanages – in June! It can be used effectively any season. The ‘wish list’ includes:

-Food ($36/month)
-Medical ($10/month)
-Clothing and Necessities ($6/month)
-Tuition ($20/month average)

New Website Address
The new website address is JamaaLetu.org. This reflects the increased emphasis on the orphanages. Not to worry, the old one still works and everything is directed the same place. Also available through the PNW website: bit.ly/jamaaletu.

Jamaa Letu is a ministry of the Pacific Northwest Conference and of the South Congo Conference.
Barbara Dadd Shaffer serves as the chair of the Bishop’s Task Force, Hope for the Children of Africa.

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