insideout: Dispelling the Myth of Best Practices


Revs. William (Bill) Gibson and David Valera have teamed up to produce a new video series called insideout which aims to inspire people to see the world around them in new ways. The first two episodes are now available with the second landing earlier this week.

The latest episode of insideout explores the essential role of deep listening in fostering true innovation, and what that means for a church often fixated on ‘best practices.’ According to Gibson, “it’s a mistake to think that a best practice is a silver bullet answer for a declining church that lacks innovation and creativity.”

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This first episode centers around three simple “moves” to help people to arrive at a new perspective. Each episode is available to download on Vimeo to use in the local church.


Rev. Dr. William D. Gibson serves as Director of Strategic Faith Community Development for the Greater Northwest Area of The United Methodist Church.

This episode of insideout was e-filmed and edited by Rev. David Valera. Valera serves the Pacific Northwest Conference of The United Methodist Church as Director of Connectional Ministries.

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