By Barbara Dadd Shaffer • Photo by Hope for the Children of Africa

The continuing partnership in ministry of The PNW Conference with The South Congo Conference, especially the prayer and financial support of the two Jamaa Letu Orphanages, was affirmed by the Focus Group.

More than seventy children and teens are in care so the need for support is very real.  And those kids, they are growing up.  We have six attending the local university and two more who will start in October so financial support will be needed for them, too, just like a family here would do for their children.

What is a Conference Advance Special? This question was asked by a member of the Focus Group regarding the Petition asking that eight agencies and projects be approved. “Agencies and projects which are initiated, developed and/or supported within the PNW Conference.” Approval is annual and each of the projects has met the application and reporting requirements. More importantly, each is deemed worthy of financial support by our churches and members. Check out the list on page 95. Of course, the petition was approved.

A petition was affirmed by the focus group that our local churches study fossil fuel divestment. The petition is not asking for divestment; it’s asking our churches to study the issue. To understate it, divestment is a complex action. The Conference-recommended resources will be an opportunity for clergy and congregations to consider the connection between financial investment and the effect of fossil fuels. No pre-determined outcome. The petition was removed from the Consent Calendar by the Group.

Officers for next year are: Marie Kuch, Chair; Gordon Ellison-Oslin, Vice-chair; Joel Aosved, Secretary.


  1. The Congo project is a wonderful project. The Council of Bishops were very future oriented in their decision to emphasize this kind of partnership. And thanks to Jan and Kurt Kaiser, Mel Woodworth and Jan Kreidler, Carl Landerholm and Barbara Dadd Shaffer and all task force members, this project has impacted scores of children in the South Congo Conference.

    Hopefully all of the churches of the Pacific Northwest Conference will take ownership of this conference project. Thanks to those who provide this giving opportunity to their congregations. And thanks to those who have responded generously.

    We may not be able to save all the children, but currently nearly 80 are sheltered from the storms that swirl across Africa.

    Together we will provide Hope for the Children of Africa.

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