By Rosalee Mohney

Experienced, volunteer electricians are currently needed for the Rebuild: Up from the Ashes home-building campaign in Okanogan County. Your experience counts – you need not be a licensed electrician, but should be able to understand ‘electrical language’ and electrical codes. Being acquainted with L&I Requirements, while not a must, would be an advantage.

It is anticipated that mid-November is the projected time electricians are to be especially needed. If volunteers could be flexible with travel time, that would be helpful, but not a firm requirement. It is expected that it will take 2-3 days to fully complete the electrical work on one house, providing there are 3-4 volunteer electricians. It would be very helpful if these specific volunteers would have worked on Rebuild homes prior – your experience is a big plus with this specific request. Any number of volunteers are welcomed!

This specific request is important towards the completion of as much work as possible before the complications of winter arrive. If you, as a volunteer, could be somewhat flexible with the dates to help, that is also a big plus.

If you and/or a team are able to help with this, please contact Rosalee Mohney, Wildfires UMVIM Coordinator,, to discuss the details of this request. 


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