By Rosalee Mohney | Seattle District Co-Lay Leader

As you are aware, December is a month where people respond most generously when asked to give to special causes. What could possibly be more special than the Rebuild: Up from the Ashes project that is actively engaged in providing homes for those who lost theirs during the last few seasons of wildfires?

project-rebuild-logoI am stepping out and asking you to make a promotional effort through your church newsletters, bulletins, announcements, special offerings, or however you can best reach your churches and your communities this month for financial support for the Rebuild. Remember, we are not only asking for support to build a home – we are providing hope to an individual or family that has been waiting for many months to have a warm home to call their own.

Here are a few items and their costs to be used to help make an ask more ‘real’ and, perhaps, and to help set a goal for a special fund-raising project. It is never too late to encourage people to give!

  • Box of nails: $45.00
  • A door: $100.00
  • A roof: $5,000
  • Doors and windows: $2,500 (for one home)
  • Appliances: $2,000
  • Flooring: $1,500
  • Plumbing fixtures: $700
  • Interior trim: $500
  • A tree for the yard: $49
  • Flowers, ornamentals, or a welcome mat: $25
  • A room: $15,000
  • Frame an entire house: $10,000

Alternatively, what about giving to the Rebuild in honor of someone? A fire-fighter or other first responder? Someone who has faithfully worked in the Mission field? A staff person?
There are several other informational resources that could assist you with your promotional efforts, also. If you need assistance please contact me or any of the District Lay Leaders.

People are waiting for our help!!

Click here to learn more about Rebuild: Up From the Ashes.

Click here to donate online today!

Select the checkbox to designate the gift and select Advance #352 from the dropdown that appears.

Offline, you can support the Rebuild: Up From the Ashes campaign by making a donation to our Pacific Northwest Conference’s Disaster Fund (Advance #352) through your local church.

If you are unable to give through a local church, you may send a check to:

Pacific Northwest Conference Office
C/O Conference Treasurer
P.O. Box 13650
Des Moines, WA 98198
with “Conference Advance #352” and “Project Rebuild” on the memo line.

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