By Dave Burfeind 

Construction Update

Work continues on the new dining hall at Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center! Rebar is on site, concrete forms are being constructed, the building pad has passed the compaction test, work on the fire suppression tank is underway, and the new well pump has been installed. The steel building components are scheduled to arrive on three trucks before January 5. The shell will then be erected so that the roof and walls can constructed so work may continue in the winter. There are lots of moving parts, so keep the construction in your prayers!

Fundraising Update

The generosity of the many friends of Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center continues to be inspiring. Our goal is $1.75 million and we are now at $1.46 million. Remember that the Murdock Trust has already awarded a $100,000 grant that will be the last $100,000 to reach our goal. This means our gap is now under $200,000. This is still a large sum of money, but we are faithful and very confident that we will reach our goal.

Dave Burfeind
Additional help on this final drive of the campaign is needed! We have started the construction with the faith that friends of the camp will see this through to successful completion. God has clearly been involved in this process, and we are deeply appreciative of the involvement of our friends. Many have given already, some over and over again, and for that we are extremely grateful. Some have waited to see if the construction will actually happen…. well, there is no better time to get involved!

Mack Plaza

The area north of the new facility will honor Morris and Kara Mack and be the outdoor focal point of the camp. This will be a comfortable place to gather, converse with friends, appreciate the beautiful surroundings, and soak up the eastern Washington sun. This area, almost as large as the building itself, will follow the contour of the hill and include tiered seating, a gas fire place, and glorious views of the creek, cross, and ridge.

A wonderful way to share your involvement at Lazy F with others is to purchase an engraved brick that will be installed in the Mack Plaza. So far the response for bricks has been extremely positive. Already 60 bricks have contributed over $10,000 to the Place at the Table campaign. A goal of 500 bricks has been set, this could translate into gifts of up to $75,000!

Please think about contributing a brick or two for the Mack Plaza. Increased options are now available for your involvement. With each donation of $125 or more, a 4″ x 8″ x 2 1/4″engraved brick will be installed in the Mack Plaza. An 8″ x 8″ x 2 1/4″ engraved brick is $250 or more.

For each brick, you will also receive a certificate of appreciation. Consider a brick from your church or organization. To purchase a brick or make a donation, please go to the to make an on line contribution to the campaign.

Thank you for your involvement!

Your involvement here and in the campaign makes this place richer and helps our guests to have an experience that facilitates personal growth. Thank you for your involvement!

Dave Burfeind has served for over 20 years as the director of Lazy F Camp and Retreat Center outside of Ellensburg, Washington. 

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