CI-PNW: Answering God’s invitation to REACT! (+ CI Leadership: My Favorite Thing About CI!)


In the Pacific Northwest, the young people who attend Christmas Institute are learning in different ways how to REACT to God’s love – through identity, mission, and community!

This year, CI was held at The Firs in Bellingham, Wash.

Traditionally, Christmas Institute takes place annually from December 26-30 providing an ideal setting to develop present and future leadership, as well as, nurture young people who are exploring their personal relationship with God.

What makes CI special? How is God inviting YOU to REACT?

Special thanks to Denise Belista, John Mark Galang, Hazel Rollolazo, Anthony Sy, Daniel Yabuki, Jordan Ocampo, Isabella Tinte, and the leadership of CI-PNW.

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