Capt. Justin Townley shares from his experience of seeing Christ in the ongoing recovery efforts at the 530 mudslide in Oso, Washington. Townley currently serves as a chaplain for the United States Army Reserve. He has previously served as pastor of the United Methodist Church in Pomeroy, Washington. In July, Townley will be appointed to serve the people of the Ephrata (WA) United Methodist Church.


  1. What a powerful testimony for God at work in the midst of tragedy.

    Having been through two disasters myself and helping at a third one, I know how people can come together at such a time in meaningful ways. Over and over again, we say “Why wait for a disaster to reach out to others with love and compassion?” I am glad to be part of a church and a society where people share of their resources and of themselves to help others.

    My favorite personal disaster story happened in Nome Alaska, when a flood damaged a portion of the town, including a portion of the community where a floating barge destroyed many homes.

    An Episcopal Bishop sent me $2,000 to help in some way. So the United Methodist pastor used Episcopalian money to purchased Thanksgiving turkeys and hams for Catholic families in Nome and Teller. And not once did the Bishop ask me what I believed before he helped and not once did I ask the recipients what they believed before I helped. It was done in the name of Jesus Christ, who loves everyone lavishly.

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