The Rev. Rudy Rasmus delivers the opening sermon at the
Imagine What’s NEXT 2012 young adult conference in St. Louis.
Campus Connection:
Imagine What’s NEXT
By Martin Nyarko | Photos by Jon Woon

Imagine What’s NEXT served as a new United Methodist event that challenged and inspired college students to consider and plan the next faithful steps for their vocations, their communities, the church, and the world. NEXT took place on November 9-11, 2012 in St. Louis, Mo.

“Imagine What’s NEXT” was my first young adult conference I’ve ever attended here in the United States while serving as peer minister for Moscow First United Methodist near the University of Idaho. I am really glad to have attended this long weekend gathering of over 500 participants from all over the country and outside the States. During this time, I facilitated an affiliate group for discipleship and spiritual formation.

We discussed what discipleship meant to us as a church and as individuals. We also talked about how we were committed to this commission given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ and the strategies to make it work. Cutting down some expenses and inviting a friend(s) to dinner is one way to create an environment or room to share the gospel. We also realized that, we could share the gospel by sharing our own salvation story to friends and praying for people who have not yet been born again. We concluded with the words of this hymn “if you cannot sing like the angels, if you cannot preach like Paul, you can tell the love of Jesus and say he died for all” (chorus from Balm in Gilead). We have a Facebook group page and we are still keeping this discussion going and “Imagining What’s NEXT” at

Martin Nyarko serves as a peer minister for Moscow First United Methodist Church at the University of Idaho.
Nyarko is a second year graduate student from Ghana, pursuing a Masters in Fine Art at the UI.

Imagine What's NEXT

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