By Rosalee Mohney & Jim Truitt

As this is being written, the final two homes of the Rebuild: Up from the Ashes project are being constructed with the goal of being completed by June 21, the date the last two Home Dedications are scheduled. However, to reach that goal help is still needed!

United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) have been critical to the success of creating a ‘new normal’ for the survivors of the fires in Okanogan county. Hope has been returned to individuals and communities in Okanogan and surrounding counties through the many volunteers over the past four-plus years.

How can you and your church help?
  • Volunteer your time to wield a paint brush, install flooring, hang kitchen or bathroom cabinets, install the trim, hang interior doors—at this point all remaining work is interior.
  • What you specifically would do is dependent on your time frame and what is required at that time.
  • Individuals, or teams of 2–10 persons, are welcome. Housing is provided.
  • Construction/house building experience is preferred, but not required. Be willing to learn something new.
  • Be a part of UMVIM and feel the gratitude that comes from helping your neighbor.
  • A good time to go? Anytime from now until the work is completed by mid-June.
  • For more information, contact Rosalee Mohney at or call 206.654.0657.

These last weeks will go smoothly with the help of volunteers like yourself willing to take this opportunity to be a part of the ‘home stretch’ of the Rebuild. Renee Haug, Recovery Organization Case Manager, sends these words. “Spring is in full swing for everyone and we would love to see some of your faces over here in assisting the completion of the last two homes!”

Rosalee Mohney serves as Wildfires UMVIM Coordinator for the Pacific Northwest Conference. Jim Truitt serves as Disaster Response Coordinator for the Greater Northwest Area of The United Methodist Church.


  1. I get email postings and attend worship most Sundays, and have not heard word one of UMCOR presence in recovery efforts from the devastating Paradise Camp and Mendocino Complex fires here in northern Calilfornia. Individually, members have helped out the best we can, but where is UMCOR?

    I ask this as a veteran of widely-advertised UMCOR Katrina efforts.

    Blessings, Bill Baker

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