The Bishop’s Symposium this year is NO JOKE LIVE! November 4, 10am – 4:30pm at Seattle First United Methodist Church.  Brian McLaren will introduce a Rabbi, an Imam and an Evangelical Pastor (No Joke!) who have become friends. When people like each other, the rules change.

Our communities need leaders who can build relationships among people who don’t know, or distrust one another. United Methodists are called to this work. Many of us do it already. Bishop Elaine is calling lay and clergy leaders of the Pacific Northwest to enjoy an unlikely friendship among three leaders from very different traditions, and to learn how to build relationships among religious communities in America.

“Jesus showed us the power of relationships,” Stanovsky said. “I hope we’ll go home from this event with a vision for how something as simple as friendship can heal the deep divides in our world.”

This Bishop’s Symposium is different from the past. It’s not a retreat setting. United Methodists will be part of a larger, public event, and it’s on a Saturday, making it easier for lay persons to attend with their pastors.

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