Submitted by Michelle Abad

Bremerton United Methodist Church’s UMCOR Relief Kit Storeroom is ready for business!

The church will collect items throughout the year for school kits and cleaning buckets that will be distributed to help those who need these essential supplies when a disaster strikes. The school items to be donated are: blunt scissors, pads of paper, hand-held pencil sharpeners, 30 centimeter (12 inch) rulers, unsharpened pencils, 2-inch or larger erasers, 24-count box of crayons, and 14 x 16 inch cloth bags.

For a complete description of the items, including important details, visit the School Kit Page on the UMCOR website. Click here to go there now!

Bremerton UMC is also willing to receive supplies from other churches in the new (soon to be) Puget Sound Missional District. When the Storeroom is filled, all supplies will be picked up and delivered to the UMCOR Depot West in Salt Lake City, Utah. The UMCOR Depot West will assemble, store, and distribute School Kits to those in need.

If you have any questions, please contact Marly Galindo by email at Thank you for giving to UMCOR!

Michelle Abad serves as Communications and Web Designer for Bremerton United Methodist Church in Bremerton, Washington.

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