Are you longing to be revived? To have your faith renewed? To see your neighborhood awakened to new possibilities? What would it mean to get swept up in a movement of God’s re-creation…that’s already happening around you?

We need a revival, but what does that mean?

I want a revival, a strengthening and improving of the Christian faith community that is inclusive and innovative and authentic. I want a revival that helps make Christ popular again, active again, important again in peoples’ lives and in our world. And I want a revival that presents the Good News of Jesus Christ in ways that can be heard and understood by people that cannot hear or understand what we have been saying and doing in the past.

To be revived is to be resuscitated, to wake up. A revival is a way to wake ourselves up and to resuscitate the Christian faith. Not by resurrecting the past but by moving into the future with innovation and inclusivity sharingthe love of God and Christ without stipulation or restriction. That’s what a revival is to me.

Rev. Tim Overton-Harris
Cascadia District Superintendent (OR-ID)

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If you want to be revived, come join the movement that’s sweeping through the northwest this summer. First up: Portland, June 29-30, Sunnyside Community House. Use the promotional code “UMC” on the online registration form. Find out what revival means to you.

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