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From the Puget Sound District Newsletter

Sisters & Brothers,

We are confronted again with another heartbreak in our midst. The truth is that our district—and our friends and neighbors—has had more than its share of tragedy in the past couple of years. As churches and communities, we faced the heartache and anguish after the shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School. We embraced our neighbors and friends following the landslide in Oso. We prayed for our neighbors in Ferndale after two high school boys there were killed in a car accident, one of whom was involved at the United Church of Ferndale.

As we again face violence and subsequent pain in our communities, we must again embrace our neighbors. In light of the shooting in Burlington this past week, in the very midst of our district, I’m asking that you use your pulpits to address this senseless violence. Although we may differ on many matters one to another, when our communities are broken, we must unite as one. In the midst of whatever else you might say, please remind your congregations that although God does not cause tragedy, God wants to redeem it.

My prayers are with you.

Together in Christ,


Rev. Daniel Foster
Puget Sound District Superintendent


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