Photo taken by Jesse N. Love.

By the Rev. Jenny Phillips

1. Vote Green. As you discuss and vote on legislation, consider its implications for environmental stewardship and justice.

2. Learn. Attend the Creation Care Luncheon Saturday at 12 p.m. in the Pioneer Room. We’ll be engaging in “Tough Conversations on Creation Care” with Rev. Jenny Phillips and LeeAnne Beres and Jessie Dye of Earth Ministry.

3. Post on Facebook. Checking Facebook during Annual Conference? (Yes, of course you are!) Write a post or share an article related to creation care.

4. Save Trees. Reduce paper waste by reading your Pre-Conference Handbook on your digital device. (This year, we printed half the number of PCHBs from last year because so many people committed to downloading their handbooks to digital devices!)

5. Get a Spork. Stop by the Creation Care table and pick up a biodegradable spork to carry and use for the whole Conference!

Rev. Jenny Phillips (Courtesy photo)
Rev. Jenny Phillips (Courtesy photo)

The Rev. Jenny Phillips serves as the Minister for Environmental Stewardship and Advocacy.

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