6 Things Imagine No Malaria Can Do for Your Church
By Julia Frisbie

1) It can get people involved.
When people have a good idea about raising money and awareness, and then help to make it happen, they are empowered to take leadership roles more often. Anyone can get equipped to preach and teach about Imagine No Malaria: greaternw.org/inm.

2) It inspires children and youth.
Kids often ‘get it’ faster than adults: when they hear that children like them on the other side of the world are dying from mosquito bites and we know how to stop it, they always want to help. This campaign makes it fun and easy to get involved, but it also builds global citizenship. Finding resources for kids is easy: click the “resources” tab on imaginenomalaria.org and then filter by audience for children and youth.

3) It’s something everyone can agree on…
…even people who wouldn’t normally set foot in a church. Many young adults want to engage in global humanitarian work. When you invite your neighborhood to participate with you in imagining a world with no malaria, it brings people together, and your church makes a positive impression.


Laboratory technicians wash medical sample containers in a sink at the United Methodist Church’s Kissy Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

4) Imagine No Malaria helps us answer the call to ministry with the poor and the sick.
Malaria is a disease of poverty, which means that it affects mostly poor people and it keeps them poor. This is a justice issue. Check out the Malaria 101 kit at imaginenomalaria.org/resources.

5) It connects your church with United Methodists all over the world.
Our global church is taking on malaria, and we have a chance to get involved in this historic effort. Raising money and awareness for Imagine No Malaria plugs people into the connectional system. Read more about what our brothers and sisters in Christ are doing– here in the northwest, and in Africa– at greaternw.org/inm.

6) It’s fun! You never know what God will use to raise money for Imagine No Malaria.
Doing something off-the-wall will make people sit up and take notice, and it will generate a lot of energy for the work of your church. When you’re envisioning how you can get involved, be creative! Get inspired at greaternw.org/inm/ideas.

Julia Frisbie serves as the Imagine No Malaria Field Coordinator for the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area.


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