5 Columns of Mission

By Joan Hackett

In 2015, 29 of our local churches in the PNW Conference achieved all 5 Columns of Mission! Every church is challenged to support mission in these five ways each year:

Also, congratulations to 48 of our local churches that honorably achieved 4 Columns of Mission Churches!

All together, 77 or 29% of PNW Churches have committed in making mission a priority in the local church through achieving these 5 Columns of Mission!  Download the PDF below to view a list of churches that have achieved 4 and 5 Columns of Mission!

Joan Hackett is now the outgoing Conference Secretary of Global Ministries.  Marilyn Reid will begin serving in this role very soon.  Thank you, Joan for your years of service making mission a priority within The PNW Conference!

The image of columns is public domain.  Learn more about the image here.




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