Board Membership, Committees and Task Forces

Contact Information for Members of the Board

Chair: Geoff Helton

Vice Chair: Lara Bolger

BOM Administrator: Stephanie Franklin

Committees and Chairs

Conference Relations: Cathy Law, Chair

Formation: Kathy Morse, Chair

Mentor Coordinator: Meredith Dodd

Full Membership: Shalom Agtarap, Chair

Full Membership: Alissa Bertsch, Candidate Liaison

Chair of Order of Elders: Katie Ladd

Chair of Order of Deacons: Kay Barckley

Chair of Fellowship of Licensed Local Pastors: Vonda McFadden

Provisional & Recruitment: DJ del Rosario, Chair

Provisional: Bruce Smith, Co-Chair

Residence in Ministry Coordinator, Heather Seman, coordinator

District Committees on Ordained Ministry

District committees have responsibility for supervising all matters dealing with candidacy for the ordained ministry and with the license for local pastors. dCOMs are represented on the full Board of Ordained Ministry and serve to discover fitness for the call to ministry in the UMC. Through their recommendation, certified candidates are sent to the Provisional Committee for the interviewing process.

Inland, Cody Natland, Chair

Puget Sound, Terry Hall, Chair

SeaTac, Kay Barckley, Chair

Seven Rivers, Ben Moore & Kim Fields, Chairs

Crest to Coast, Meredith Gudger-Raines, Chair

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