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5ive Signs of Success in the Fight Against Malaria
By Julia Frisbie

1. Death Rates Cut in Half
When the United Methodist Church started working on Imagine No Malaria in 2008, a child died every 30 seconds from malaria. Now it’s every 60 seconds. That’s still way too many kids dying. But the declining death rate shows us that this is a fight we can win!

2. Local Leadership
13 Health Boards– small teams of pastors, lawmakers, and community leaders– are steering Imagine No Malaria’s efforts on the ground. They’re coming up with solutions that are culturally appropriate. As they successfully apply for grants from Imagine No Malaria, they’re also developing skills that will help them get grants from other organizations. That’s one way that God is multiplying our efforts.

3. Massive Volunteer Force
To date, Imagine No Malaria has trained 11,600 volunteer health care workers in Africa. These people serve in the hardest-to-reach areas. They’re expanding access to healthcare, one village at a time. With every net distribution, thousands of new volunteers come out of the woodwork, going door-to-door to hang nets and educate their neighbors.

4. United Methodist Church in High Demand
We’ve become international experts in bed-net distribution and awareness campaigns. Powerful partners — such as The Global Fund, the United Nations, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — have reached out to us. Governments in Africa jump at the chance of having us as implementing partners for their national malaria control programs. Imagine No Malaria is making the United Methodist Church more visible and more vital.

5. Your Church Getting Involved!
Bishop Grant J. Hagiya has challenged UMCs in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska to raise $1 million for this cause. Let’s rise to that challenge. There are lots of ways to get involved. Consider giving your…

Prayers — especially for our partners in Africa.

Presence — show up in person or online to support what our churches are doing for Imagine No Malaria.

Gifts — $10 can save a life. How many lives could you save?

Service — Volunteer at a local church event, or as an Organizer for a geographic area that includes several churches. (If you’re willing to serve as an Organizer, please email Julia Frisbie at

Witness — tell the story of Imagine No Malaria. You can even share this article with a friend!

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Julia Frisbie serves as the Imagine No Malaria field coordinator for the Greater Northwest Area.


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