Commission on Ethnic Ministries Grants


Commission on Ethnic Ministries Announces Two Grant Programs

Deadline for Submissions:  Received by April 10, 2017

Grant Period:  May 2017 to April 2018

Beyond the Doors, Mission Field Engagement

This grant is focused on inviting racial/ethnic (persons of color) and linguistic communities (first language other than English) into relationship with the United Methodist Church locally. Beyond the Doors focuses on the mission field of the established faith community (local church or fellowship) and supports the faith community in ministry beyond its doors.

Successful applicants will receive $3,900 ($325 a month) in support of personnel costs associated with programs that are:

  • Outwardly focused
  • Serve racial/ethnic or linguistic communities in the mission field of the applicant
  • Offer spiritual, intellectual, physical and/or social support that is clearly linked to the mission of the church: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world
  • Owned by the applicant in visible and tangible ways

All faith communities and extension ministries of the Pacific Northwest Conference are eligible to apply.

Beyond the Doors 2017 Application

New Life, Vital and Growing Ethnic and Linguistic Faith Communities

This grant provides financial support to racial/ethnic faith communities (faith communities of color) and linguistic faith communities (first language other than English) that are developing or perfecting disciple-making systems that link intentionally to ministries of mercy and justice.

Successful applicants will receive up to $5,000 for costs associated with the approved programs or projects that:

  • Increase commitment of members and constituents to Christian discipleship
  • Deepen a sense of calling among the laity for the justice and mercy ministry in the local community
  • Increase connection outside of the church walls with people who need help and healing
  • Transform lives through connection with God and neighbor

Racial/Ethnic and linguistic ministries of the PNW Conference and dominant culture ministries that are developing racial/ethnic or linguistic ministries are eligible to apply.

New Life 2017 Application

Applicant Support

On March 14, 2017 at 10AM, the Commission on Ethnic Ministries will hold applicant support sessions via ZOOM, an on-line telecommunications platform, to clarify granting requirements and assist applicants in shaping their proposals. If this is of interest to you, please register for this service by contacting Patrick Ferguson, at or 800-755-7710 X302.

Additionally, if you’d prefer to schedule an individual consultation with Kristina Gonzalez, please contact Patrick Ferguson, at or 800-755-7710 X302.

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